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  1. Any idea where these Deepcool psus fall in the list DN500 (Flat cable) http://deepcool.com/product/powersupply/2017-02/10_6526.shtml DA600-M http://deepcool.com/product/powersupply/2015-10/10_4315.shtml
  2. What is this ATX12VO (12 volt only) standard does it affect desktop pc's ?? Saw the new seasonic power supply on linus's YouTube.
  3. If you can, also ask them about thier new psu line "Neo Eco Zen" and whether they have discontinued thier "Neo Eco Gold" line or not.
  4. Antec "neo eco" gold is discontinued now, not even listed in thier website .... They replaced it with "Neo Eco Zen" which is also gold rated.
  5. What about Antec earthwatts pro gold (eag pro)
  6. Wait wasn't this at like tier d or something some time ago, now it's at A tier .... What changed ?
  7. India ..... No bitfenix is not available noone buys anything above Corsair cx here so prices are quite high for rmx txm or rm even cheapest rm doesn't start for less than 115$ Check this website https://www.theitdepot.com/products-PSU+(+Power+Supply+Units)_C14.html
  8. Would Corsair CX550 be enough for Amd r5 3600 and Nvidia Rtx 2070 super Or would need cx650. What if overclock both cpu and gpu, even overclock ram and run like 5 fans and multiple ssds and hdds ?
  9. So this voltage noise is audible too, is it same as coil whine? shouldn't these MWE V2 units recalled then if they have high ripple i mean 47.5 db is a lot i guess
  10. Ripple causes noise but what kind of noise, fan noise? Does it overheats, then fan ramps up ? What would happen if someone buys this psu and how can someone avoid the ripple ... Sry for asking too much i don't know much about it .
  11. Oh i see .... But i asked about bronze v2 version, it was above Corsair VS last time i checked Does it have high ripple too ?
  12. Why was Cooler master mwe bronze v2 stepped down in tier list ?? Shouldn't it be above Cosair VS as it DC-DC.
  13. Any update on new Antec Neo Eco Zen ?