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  1. LOUOS

    Port foward issues

    That was a fantastic waste of time. thank you for walking me through.
  2. LOUOS

    Port foward issues

    Spoke with my ISP and its £5 a month to get a public ip address so that I can configure the port fowarding. what public ip address are they talkling about?
  3. LOUOS

    Port foward issues

    I am currently trying to get in contact with my isp. I will try using a different port.
  4. LOUOS

    Port foward issues

    what would the difference be between having a static ip and using DDNS.
  5. LOUOS

    Port foward issues

    is it just some ports in specic or all ports? and why would they block ports?
  6. I'm a first time port forwarder. I want to host my own minecraft server for my friends to play on but cannot get my friends to conenct to it. I will list of the things that I have done: -created a port forward on my router to my private ip -restarted my pc and router several times -tested the port on a port checking webite and had no connection -tested the port on a port cheking website with my firewall disabled no connection -tested the port on a port cheking website with inbound and outbound rules added to my firewall no connection -I made sure I gave my friend the right public ip because he was able to ping me. -The server has the port as 25565 and the server ip as my private ip in the .properties folder. -I was able to connect to the server using 0 (the localhost thing) but not using the public ip and port. From reading online this could be an issue caused by my ISP? what would they be doing to prevent a port forward on my router? and what would I ask them to change? It could be an issue with my firewall still but I allowed java runtime binaries in my firewall and have tested with the firewall disabled. I also read the a port checker only works if there is a process using/watching the port. Is there a way to to get a dummy process so I can troubleshoot. I was poking around and found I was able to connect to a router (my default gateway was which I wasn't able to login to (no default login) is this whats preventing port forwarding? Basically I running around in circles reading forum post after forum post. If there is any other information that would be helpful ask away. any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. this better? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <?php $myfile = file_get_contents("obstacles.txt"); ?> <script> function Number(){ var x = "<?php echo $myfile;?>"; alert(x); } window.addEventListener('load',Number); </script> </body> </html>
  8. Hi, so for the last three hours I have been trawlling through youtube videos and forums trying to find out a way of reading a .txt file and storing it as a javascript variable. Initially I was hoping for something similar to pythons .open and .read procedure in javascript. However what I found out was that you have to do that in php then "send it" to the javascript so this is what I've come up with: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <script> function Number(){ var x = "<?php echo $myfile;?>"; alert(x); } window.addEventListener('load',Number); </script> <?php $rawfile = fopen("obstacles.txt", "r"); // obstacles contains 'I hate php' $myfile = fread($rawfile,filesize("obstacles.txt")); ?> </body> </html> The alert always just contains <?php echo $myfile;?> as text (I hesitate to say string). Would appreciate help with problem. PS. If theres anything about opening directly as an array that would be great.
  9. It's called the "youtube ad crisis for a reason".
  10. So my friends laptop is pretty much dead and wanted to build a new PC. I just wanted to know if I could just take to hard drive from the laptop and plug the dive into the new PC? are there any specific programs or precautions I need to take?
  11. Donald trump press interviews maybe? tbh anadtech.
  12. Hi I am currently working on a small school project making a takeaway pizza order. we only have to design the interface and algorithm behind and I have been stuck on a particular problem where I do not know how to refresh a text. I tried using the .refresh but that wasn't what I was looking for. I will leave a simplified version below. also javascript.... Many Thanks. <!DOCTYPE html5> <html> <body> <p id="Output"></p> <button id="Small" onclick="Small()"> Small £1 </button> <button id ="Medium" onclick="Medium()"> Medium £1.50 </button> <button id ="Large" onclick="Large()"> Large £2 </button> <script> var Cost = 0; var Order= [[base],[Toppings]]; var S = document.getElementById("Small"); var M = document.getElementById("Medium"); var L = document.getElementById("Large"); function Small(){ var Cost++1; document.getElementById("Output").innerHTML = Cost; var Order[0]=("small"); S.disabled = true; Topping(); } function Medium(){ Cost++1.5; document.getElementById("Output").innerHTML = Cost; Order[0]=medium; M.disabled = true; Topping(); } function Large(){ Cost++2; document.getElementById("Output").innerHTML = Cost; Order[0]=large; L.disabled = true; Topping(); } function Topping(){ #blah blah blah } </script> </body> </html>
  13. depends on brand and when it was made. But theoretically HDD because of the whole moving parts thing.