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  1. ok i looked up the manuals. except for the msi one(and the asrock for obvious reasons), every manual describes the posibility to use all 3 jacks as audio out and even the front io for the side speakers. msi only mention 7.1 via front audio connector, nothing about 5.1, what is weird. so you dont have to buy adapters, to be able to connect a 5.1 sound system via 3x 3.5mm audio cables. why they dont include native support is a mystery for me, because there is nothing lost if you stack them 3x in a tower-like orientation. but i guess people dont use 5.1 on pc so much nowadays? but then to not give digital audio out for connection an av-receiver is lost oportunity for me.
  2. Ruboka

    Desktop Notifications

    oh forgot to do that. it seems i cant close this topic. so i leave it open?
  3. Ruboka

    Desktop Notifications

    sorry if my english is not understandable and confusing. but it seems to work already. But thanks for answering my question.
  4. Ruboka

    Desktop Notifications

    it seems to work even if i did not activate it for the site(or is it not required anymore that a site asks specific for permission?)
  5. i would like to avoid using external usb sound cards, i dont know anyone that is working well. And i want to buy a dedicated GPU and not going the apu way. so i want to plug the 3 cables of my sound system into the mobo and use the front io connector to use my headset. if the thing written on tomshardware is correct and the sub/center are working correctly afterwards if you plug them in the third one i am happy. But i dont find any information about that. or i must buy the asrock one where the m.2 slot seems to be a problem because the temps are getting really high.
  6. Could you implement desktop notifications for the forum ?
  7. Hello there, i want to build myself a new pc, itx form factor to be precise. CPU will likely be a ryzen 2nd gen , ryzen 5 2600. Now i have a "old school" 5.1 sound setup, where my current motherboard has dedicated jacks for front, rear, and the center/sub combo jack. the following link is the price searching/comparing site (i live in germany but for the sake of writing english i switched to the uk variant) https://skinflint.co.uk/?cat=mbam4&v=e&hloc=de&hloc=uk&sort=t&xf=317_B450%7E326_7.1%7E4400_Mini-ITX So i looked for an itx board but to only see they claim to have 7.1 sound and only have 3 jacks(except the asrock but this seems to be not good(?)) https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/does-msi-b450i-have-7-1-audio.3372750/ here one does say it works if you plug the center/sub cable into the third jack and tell Realtek that it is a speaker. Does this work and does this work well? can you still use the front connector for a headset(mic and of course audio)(usb sound dongle would be fine if its only that problem)? or do i have to buy a shitty usb soundcard where there seems to not exist a good one.
  8. Ruboka

    A Very Special LMG Christmas

    will we get any notification/ message if the giveaway is over and all the blades got shiped?
  9. Hey LTT Community, currently i am looking for some portable storage for my daily use with my Dell XPS 15 L501x(with win 7 64 bit). I looked for usb 3.0 sticks which also would be able to use for os installation, but on amazon.de(i am from germany) there are lot comments about speed drops during usage(most of the time write speeds) and overheating issues(which kinda made me thinking). I also know about usb 3.0 Sata adapters for normal ssds or m.2 ssds(where my knowledge is not that big for example i read on win 7 m.2 ssds doesn't work properly over usb 3.0 adapters). So can you guys recommend me some products or tell me sth about the m.2 issue? For storage capacity questions i am looking for about 120gb
  10. Ruboka

    MSI Gaming app does not start

    yeah idk either . Furhermore it seems that installing the windows updates or by trying to update the msi gaming app software my usb hub keeps unconnecting and i dont know if its the fault of windows (i experienced crazy things with usb hubs using windows) or the power plug from the usb hub(i dont know if the usb hub is secured that no voltage is passed through the input cable into my motherboard, but i dont find other good rated active hubs on amazon either) or ....idk . I will see if i contact the msi support during the next month or let it be. Maybe i will reinstall my windows 7 or will upgrade to 10 and those problems are gone away(haha windows and no problems.... ), because its kinda frustrating to deal with such stupid things.
  11. Ruboka

    MSI Gaming app does not start

    i tried to update from the version i installed since i put my computer together(the cd one) by installing the new version from the msi website. And the 3dguru version says my system doesnt support the software. oh man, but thx for the help.
  12. Ruboka

    High cpu usage while gaming

    PC: ASRock Fatal1ty z97x killer i5 4690k @ 3.5 ghz MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G ( newest drivers installed) Win 7 64 bit home premium( newest updates installed ) 16 gb Crucial Ballistix Sport ddr3 ram 1600 mhz Dual Monitor Setup: 1080p acer s243hl (via HDMI) 1440p Benq GW2765 (via DVI ) Hello there , i wonder if its normal that the cpu usage while gaming overwatch is quite high(80-100(!) % usage load). I play overwatch and all other games on the 1080p monitor because my setup is more confortable by doing it like that. the usage is while running overwatch only near 80-85% in-game and 50% in the start menu. normally i am also running discord and shadowplay (only for loacal record and even than only background record the last 5 minutes) and nothing else. I also got during testing it under bioshock infinite( all settings maxed out, over 200fps) the message from windows that the color scheme is making performance problems and should be changed(i use win 7 with aero design)(never happened in overwatch). In MGS:5 Gronud Zeroes and the new ftp unreal tournament( all settings maxed out ) the cpu usage is in both games around 50%. It seems to be only overwatch with the high cpu usage. Has anyone an idea why or have the same isssues?
  13. Ruboka

    MSI Gaming app does not start

    it worked only until i restarted the pc(i installed by running the install exe as admin and ran the application with standard user rights). in the event log i didnt find anything quite usefull, but only 8 entries under windows protocoll -> application with the source "service1" and the message that the service command has been processed and no event id (it is 0) dont know if the problem was my installation from the window updates (because i had quite a pain installing the updates) i had to install some updates from the microsoft update catalog to get the windows updater working because the normal winsows updater didnt find any updates, and yeah it was a lot of work to get it working. but i cant test it elsewhere,because i have only this pc.
  14. Ruboka

    MSI Gaming app does not start

    hmm seems still not working . After restarting the computer it wont start like in the beginning. I restarted the pc because i experienced a big input lag while gaming (starbound / terraria )
  15. Ruboka

    MSI Gaming app does not start

    I assume i did not. I feel kinda dumb now, that such a little thing happened to me ... Well thx for the help anyway //