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  1. And still people are reporting crashes on their cards that have only mlccs.
  2. You don't know that because the only images are from review samples. Also, I am nearly certain it is not the issue. It's a driver issue.
  3. I have this card on order: 1) Can you check the back of the PCB and see what the layout is in terms of MLCCs? Personally I think this isn't the issue as cards that have 6 MLCC groups are also crashing, but just to check. 2) Are you getting crashes out of the box? This card has a 340W TDP out of the box and so is already at the limit in terms of power delivery with the stock vBIOS. I haven't seen anyone report crashes with this card yet. Gamers Nexus also did not get any crashes when trying to overclock.
  4. Yes, looked at those too but they're out of stock
  5. I think PSU because I have to turn it off at the rocker and leave it for a minute before the gpu will display again. But yes, those are the symptoms.
  6. Yea but it's not the average load I'm worried about, it's transient spikes. I already have a top-tier PSU that shuts down with high transient spikes. I'm just wondering if this model CP-9020187-EU is the new design or an older design, as there really aren't any other white models available.
  7. Looking for a new PSU, I'd like it to be white because I've just bought the Lian Li 011 in white, and I'm going for a black and white themed build. I know that limits my options, but it can also be black with white lighting or white motifs. I've seen Corsair RMx in white, sadly in Switzerland on the 750w is in stock, and I'm not sure, given the transient spikes (and that I will overclock it at some point), whether that will be fine. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid. Options?
  8. Would you recommend the 750W model for a 3080?
  9. Yes, I have. It still happens, albeit less often. It's so annoying. Sometimes I can go for a week without black screens, and then on nights like last night it happens every ten minutes of gaming.
  10. I have tried every single driver AMD have ever released and the issue has been persistent. Yes, as I thought. I just thought that starting and stopping it repeatedly would put some stress on the OCP circuits.
  11. How come the Sharkoon SilentStorm is in the top tier, yet there are little to no reviews of the unit around? I can only find a handful of European reviews. One does a teardown and is in Spanish, and they aren't exactly thrilled with missing features. The other one I've read through is in German and very limited.
  12. Best way to do this? I thought about just starting and stopping furmark as fast as possible but I don't think that'd cut it. I have a Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 650W and I've been having black screens with my 5700XT that require me to switch the PSU off and back on again before the PC will come back to life.
  13. See, this is what I was debating. The case is designed to bring air in through the sides. I think it would do better with side intake and AIO exhaust, even if it does mean bringing slightly warm air from the GPU through the radiator. Side question - did you get a vertical gpu bracket with the case?
  14. So to be clear, intake at top will still be fine in this case?