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    ontario canada
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    Overwatch, CSGO and motorcycles


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    i5 7600k
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    msi z170a m7
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    16GB Vengeance LED
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    MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
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    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv
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    2tb WD 512 kingston SSD
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    EVGA 850 G2
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    BenQ xl2430t
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    DeepCool Captain 240 ex
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    razer chroma Tournament edition
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    finalmouse ergo 2015
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    arion legacy
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    windows 10 Deep Sonar 750

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  1. it doesn't sound unbalanced. sounds perfect actually so idk
  2. okay just for anyone that finds this thread in the future. i found a thread on a random site and fixed it. you need to change the mixer balances so the left is at 80 and right is 50 1. Go to sound icon and right click. 2. Click on playback devices. 3. Click on the speakers and then properties. 4.Go to the levels tab and click balance 5. Set the left (L) one on 80 and the right (R) one on 50
  3. I use the focusrite solo gen2 usb with at2020 and hyperx cloud 2's and for some reason it does not pick up voices, everything but voices sometimes they are there but very faint. with music, youtube, discord everything. please dont tell me to "jiggle the jack" because thats all i can find online and it isnt working. also i use a adapter for my loud2's to the focusrite jack
  4. did all that, the gain doesn't turn green though. its green for a second when you move the switch under it around but then goes back to no light... also the main problem is my friends not being able to hear me say anything plus music sounds fucking TERRIBLE. its just disgusting honestly idk what to do at this point i think its probably just the fucking focusrite and if you can recommend something else that would be helpful. thanks
  5. i recently setup my new audio stuff, it is a at2020 connected through focusrite solo and im using hyperx cloud II's i have everything on full blast yet its so quiet and my friends cant hear my talk even with it on full volume
  6. Are you sure it's 6.35 to 3.5, the other guys said 2.5 to 3.5
  7. uhg i guess i got to wait till tomorrow then cus its 8:30pm and everything is closed
  8. so i hooked up my new at2020 and focusrite solo and the mic works but i dont know how/where to hook up my headphones (hyperx cloud 2) please help. thanks!
  9. all its always slow like this
  10. i just tested edge and its going at 158 kbps
  11. http://prntscr.com/gfx9ud
  12. i would rather not use a different browser tbh, i only like chrome and have everything signed in already. is there something i can change to make it faster or if there is a limit or something?
  13. its pretty slow with most things i download, i dont think the site is the issue.