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  1. OK, thanks. I'll be careful not to get Cherry profile caps. Thanks again for all the help, I hadn't even considered that switch orientation differed between keyboards!
  2. It looks pretty flat... "Cherry" is written upside down relative to the keyboard, does that help?
  3. North facing...? I've had a look and the switches are oriented the same way the keyboard, i.e. the long side of the switch is aligned with the long side of the keyboard. Is this north facing?
  4. I'm aliexpress atm, the prices seem reasonable (too reasonable?) it's just a matter of finding something that isn't florescent pink! Ah, and adding double shot to the search helps a lot in filtering out the more insane colour schemes...
  5. No worries, you've been plenty of help! I'm new to this stuff as well, hence the rookie mistake when it comes to ebay!
  6. That's great, thanks. I'll have a look. And I jump around from mac/windows and ansi/iso a lot, so for most typing it's fine but I have to look down for the } | \ ~ type keys.
  7. Again, not illegible but especially with glare the contrast is non-existent...
  8. Not completely illegible, but dull enough that it's annoying. As for price: no idea, I assume this stuff is pretty niche so anything decent will be expensive.
  9. Title pretty much says it. Basically I got a really good deal on ebay on a Ducky tkl without a backlight (ANSI layout with cherry switches). What I missed: without the backlight the keycaps are basically illegible! Any suggestions on a good set of keycaps with enough contrast that they actually work? I'm in the UK but any and all sources are welcome (God knows what customs will be like in a few months anyway!). Thanks in advance!