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  1. Ok Got The Solution . No Replay From Anyone Which Is Very Weird . I think HP Have To Serouisly Fix This Issue With Samsung SSD Not Supported At All . Bought WD SSD and It Boot Flawless Without Any issue
  2. System Details . Intel Core i7 6700T 16 GB DDR 2133HZ From Crucial Brand New Samsung 860 EVo 500 GB SSD Brand New System Lock Down On First Black Boot Screen if I Use The SSD .Work Fine With All 2.5 or 3.5 Hardisks.
  3. Hello All I Have HP Pavilion -P142ne Desktop Computer. I Try To Upgrade My Computer By Purchasing Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB SSD and 16 GB Ram From Cruical .But When I Remove My Old HDD and Tried Installing Windows 10 It's Stuck on First Boot Black Screen and Tried Many Things including Remove SSD and tried old HDD and Boot Fine No issue .But SSD Is not Booting and Tried Different Flash Drive With Different OS and System Lock Up . I Even Update The bios to Latest 2019 Version With My old HDD and Still Can't Solve the issue With SSD . I Disable Secure Boot and Clear All Keys and Still Can't Boot From SSD . Rest The Bios and Upgrade The Bios to latest Version Still System Lock On Black Screen . Tried Different Hardisk From laptop and Even Desktop Hardisk all Work Flawless .. I Even Install Samsung SSD Inside laptop and install Windows 10 and the unplug it and install on HP Desktop and Still Same Black Screen Lock .. Don't Know What to Do More .. Please Can Anyone Help Me ..
  4. I Have a RIG With AMD 7970 Graphic Card . It has many issues with new titles and cant run it on high setting and it will be awesome if i won this CARD witch will surely give me much much better experience specially in DX 12 GAMES and also VR for sure ..
  5. MAN This Look Awesome and complete Different From Other Projector and One of his Kind . Looking Cool With Small From factor . Hope To Win It And Play Upcoming GAME RESIDENT EVIL 7 ON THIS . It Will be Amazing Experience on This Projector ..
  6. Smart Switch IS awesome . and that hot guy thing lolll
  7. aha nice . will wait for new update . they must update it as quickly as possible to enjoy new quality in games . thanks allot bro ..
  8. hi i use internet download manager for downloading videos from youtube . from few days idm is not recognizing the new 1080p 60fps . what is the solution to download the new video format ?
  9. why RAJ webcam is like 240p . linus ask him this question ..
  10. i watch your first video when i was searching for new computer that time was x58 time . i watch your videos and u was awsome from that time . and we are in 2014 and still i think linus you are the best tech guy in youtube . just want from u to bring back the unboxing items. and hope u live longer to see your awsome videos . hope to win the first prize in my life . ABDULREHMAN FROM DOHA QATAR ..
  11. wow Sony is back with z2 . it awesome man . also i like the skin from dbrand . it make the phone more sexy
  12. My favorite thing about the ASUS G550JK is the ips screen and off course the world record u guys make
  13. That resolution is amazing. 1440p on a mobile. i really love it . hope to win 1 of those for first time in my life ..
  14. really '''' My favorite thing about the M8? THE ALUMINUM BODY the sexy look of the phone . its just awesome man .