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  1. SPiNZ

    What type of fans and splitter?

    It's alot more expensive. A splitter is only 3-4€ and i can't get that fanhub here in my country.
  2. Hello friends! I have 2 questions: 1- I have a phantek p300, and i have a noctua 1300rpm 140mm on the front and the fan that came with the case 120mm on the back, I want to put another noctuan 140mm on the front, one on top and switch the stock fan with another noctua. Im thinking the two on the front as intake and the top and back as exhaust, is it efficient? And are the fans ok, or should i get fans with good static pressure? 2- I have a msi b450m pro-vdh that only has 2 fans connectors. Is it safe to use 2 splitters to be possible to use 4 fans? Thanks guys!
  3. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    Yes, but at best case scenario, would the temperature difference be big comapring the 2 cases?
  4. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    On Portugal, mainly on a shop called "pcdiga". I already bought most of my components, just missing the case, ram and ssd. How much would the temperature drop from the p300 to p350x with 2 140mm fans? 1-2 ºc?
  5. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    And if decide to go with the p300, what types of fans should i get?
  6. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    Trust me, here in my country is one the better deals. You can't get a bronze psu for less that 60€ dollars. I got the 620w version, the build will draw at maximum 400w. I think it's enough. Should i go for the p350x?
  7. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    The meshify c, here in Portugal is 90€, for that price i could get premium cases for cheaper
  8. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    is the phantek p300 really that bad? Can you recommend a case for around that price? The p350x is only 5€ more expensive. And the psu is already bought, i got a nice deal on it(50€).
  9. SPiNZ

    phanteks p300 fans

    Hello guys, I'm gonna build a pc next week (r5 2600, rx 580, seasonic s12ii, mx500 500gb, msi b450m pro-vdh, 16gb g.skill 2800mhz), and i've been searching for a case for a week now, and i think i finally decided on the phanteks p300. I'm a bit anal about temps and cooling. I know, if i want airflow i need to have a open mesh case, but the only one on my budget is the focus g, and it doesn't have a psu shroud or the p350x but i think it's ugly). My question is: i want 2 140mm fans on the intake, but im a bit clueless about them. I think i need static pressure fans, because of the dust filters, am i wrong? Can you guys recommend budget fans for my build for about 15€ each without rgb? airflow> noise in my case. Thanks guys,
  10. SPiNZ

    PSU + R9 380

    really? the psu calculator says its gonna draw 388w.....
  11. SPiNZ

    PSU + R9 380

    that's what i did, here in europe the r9 380 is normally 230€ and now is 208€.The 1060 is 330€ and the rx470 will take too long to get to the market with aftermarket coolers.That's why i need to know which psu is the best.
  12. SPiNZ

    PSU + R9 380

    hey guys, my time has come to build my own rig. So im in a dillema. Should i buy a high quality psu with 430w ( xfx ts) or a average quality psu with 500w (evga w1)?The psu calculators says that my system should push around 380w but i don't know if its good for the psu being like at 90% at full load. So which one should i buy? My system will be: i5 6400 msi h110m 2x8gb ddr4 kingston furyx (1 now,1 in the future) 1 ssd 240gb (future) 1 hdd 500gb (now) 1 hdd 1tb (future) asus r9 380 strix carbide 100r with 4 fans Thanks for the help!