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  1. Hello guys, so here is my situation, I have been playing minecraft for a while now without any problems. Last night it started giving me issues, like not even starting, lag etc, I had Java 64bit installed and it was working fine until last one or two days, I reinstalled java after some thinking and guess what! The game would permanently not start, will spit out an error "JAVA SE Runtime Envirorment has stopped working", I uninstalled Java 64 bit and installed the one most people get which is 32 bit, the game did start but with LOOOOADS of lag and making the game unplayable, I don't know what else to do, only thing that changed between the days was the nvidia gpu driver which I also downgraded and made no difference, any ideas?
  2. Game-Bar is permanently disabled since I hate that thing, welp I'll just look a little more into it and if nothing helps I'll just wait for MS to provide a new STABLE update
  3. Memory speed looks normal when I run a cmd command, my games stutter though, at least after the update, any ideas what microsoft might have gotten on my machine?
  4. Power plan was on balanced, changed it to high performance. Also downloading my motherboard's chipset driver update. I'll keep you updated
  5. I'll check it once I arrive back at the studio, ETA 20 Mins and keep you all updated, thanks
  6. Yeah wasn't the current clock speed supposed to be up there as well?
  7. I still remember it being like both DIMMs, welp I guess I'm wrong, why the FPS stuttering though? It's been happening since I upgraded to 1903
  8. Yeah, I did know that, but task manager within windows shows 1333MHz as well rather than 2666MHz like it did before, did something change?
  9. That's Deutschland Also thanks for the recommendations, I will look into it with the S36 I'm also looking forward to getting, cheers mate!
  10. I'm having a problem I noticed due to low FPS spikes in any game, and went on a search for the problem, I found out that the speed of my RAM sticks inside windows is running at 1333MHz when I have clearly set it in BIOS with DOCP at 2666MHz, screenshots are provided with what Aida64 and CPU-Z give me, I'm currently stuck on this because I can't game smoothly without getting 15 FPS spikes in a single round. CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666MHz Motherboard: ASUS B350 Prime Plus Things I've tried: - Resetting BIOS - Updating BIOS - Settings everything to defaults and trying again - Unplug one of the sticks and work with only one - Set the performance mode for the RAM to Auto SIdenote: I'm not pretty sure but since I was late to notice it was my RAM I had updated to Windows 1903 May Update, no idea if that is the issue but I'll wait to find any solutions. Thanks!
  11. Probably going with the S36 now that I researched it because of it's integrated fan hub, expandability, and looks
  12. I'm probably gonna go with the Water 3.0 Non-RGB or the S36, I will check both out and see which one suits my needs, thank you guys so much for the help and clearing things up for me!
  13. Both the Water 3.0 and S36 is almost the same price, what concerns me is if I can disable the RGBs and if the tubes can reach from the front of my case to the CPU. Thanks for the recommendation I will look into it if it's possible you could look into my concerns.
  14. Aesthetics are a part as well, an air cooler isn't that much of my "taste" in aesthetics, and also I like my CPUs temps to be low
  15. Unfortunately not available from amazon.de looks like a banging cooler though
  16. My temps go up to 80C when gaming because of weather mostly, I will look into OC'ing as well to push the speed a little further, case is a CM Masterbox 5, RAM is Corsair's Vengeance LPX, and no AIO will be for cooling, build is strictly black, no RGBs no lights
  17. I'm pretty new with AIOs as you can see, your help is appreciated. Thanks a lot mate and have a nice rest of your day
  18. Any idea if the Water 3.0 that you seem to have in your system would reach the front? The like, tubes?
  19. The CPU I have in here is pretty good for what I need it to do, and the GPU I will not be changing for the next 3-4 years probably, since it does the job. Any ThermalTakes in mind?
  20. Hello to the community, I'm looking for a new AIO Cooler for my CPU since it get's pretty toasty under load because of mainly the ambient heat, not much I can do about it to be honest. I'm looking for something reliable, 240mm or 360mm I prefer 360mm to fill the front side of my case if there's no reliable 360mm AIOs out there I'm good with a 240mm still. I frequently clean my PC so the Radiator side wont have much of an issue. Preferably looking for cooler off of amazon.de a the price of 120-140 euros, and if people who know more about AIOs than me and have used the cooler they may recommend for my CPU any previous user experience is highly appreciated if you have the time to share it Thanks!
  21. I tried installing AISuite3 off of the ASUS website that is for my motherboard model, tried it the first time, it installed Dual Intelligent Processors 5 as well and worked normally, I uninstalled it, and tried installing it again, DIP5 cannot get installed now, here's my motherboard link. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/PRIME-B350-PLUS/HelpDesk_Download/
  22. Found this AIO cooler on amazon > https://www.amazon.de/Thermaltake-Riing-CL-W158-PL12SW-Premium-Wasserkühlung/dp/B00NIDDQU2 and I'm looking forward to buying it for my Ryzen build, just wanted to know if it's compatible with the front side of my case. My case > https://www.amazon.de/Cooler-Master-PC-Gehäuse-Seitenfenster-MCX-B5S1-KWNN-11/dp/B01F9S55Z2