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  1. Out of 16 gigs 3.1 gigs are reserved, I have my iGPU memory to 128mb in BIOS and still it's so high, any ideas?
  2. It looks pretty good now, I set my fan curve back to normal so it stays off while under 60C and ramp up when gaming, thank you so much! I've learned how to flash a GPU BIOS!
  3. My guy you're a life saver, my fans are OFF! Finally! I can save some dust from clogging my cooler, thank you so much for spending your time helping a stranger! I flashed the BIOS everything went well and I hope everything will still go well, if I have any issues I'll send over a DM to ask for help, thank you so much!
  4. Subsystem ID here (https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/179159/gigabyte-gtx980ti-6144-151027) is 1458 36DD and mine is 1458 36DE would that be a problem
  5. This is what I get turning off the LN2 Bios -> https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/222912/222912 There's a button you can hit to switch to LN2
  6. Hold on, give me a minute or two and I'll report back, that's cause maybe I have the LN2 BIOS on which is I think meant for nitrogen cooling lol
  7. After I submit this is what I get -> https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/181157/181157
  8. Got it, doing it after I finish my game, will report back
  9. Mind sending some post explaining how to do that? Yeah confirmed I have bought it used
  10. Pretty sure the card was made for it since it has the fanstop thing on it's cooler https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N98TXTREME-6GD
  11. Mind sharing how I could check? I kinda don't remember how, also quoting something I said above, the card used to work find for some days after I got it, it's used to maybe, this card has 2 BIOS options I have the LN2 but it makes no difference it kinda just locks the colors of the GPU so they can't be changed. Yes I have tried turning them off without the LN2 Bios
  12. I've had this GPU for about a year now, it was doing fine in the beginning but I didn't dig too much into it, the fan stop feature wouldn't work so I gave up on it and had my fans on 20%, now that I have the AC on the card stays way cooler so I want my fans to turn off and they JUST DON'T. I've used the XTreme Engine still nothing, Afterburner still the same, it just doesn't turn off. Do I need to DDU or have we got any other solutions?
  13. It's a Gigabyte Windforce 980Ti
  14. I reseated the GPU and reconnected the power cables, I forgot to ask but there's an extra 6pin connector on the side of the GPU, it's used for OC I'm pretty sure, does that have to do with anything?
  15. They were part of a kit, a Corsair LPX kit
  16. I've seen people with the same GPU run games easily at this res. Yes the GPU is on the PCi-E 16X slot, I'm thinking of reseating it and just cleaning in general while I reseat the power cables 2x16GB DDR4-2666MHz using DOCP and 2933MHz
  17. Quick note: I've played fallout 4 for a while with stock clocks and all, CPU Temps were around the mid 40s GPU were somewhere in the 70s but usage was still below 60% and was giving me drops below 60fps in the low 50s... what could be wrong
  18. Played Hitman 2, the settings are attached, GPU Usage stuck under 50%, temps were fine under 60% but fps were in the low 40s and high 50s, it was a demanding mission with lots of NPCs and things going on
  19. I'll run it on stock for 10-20 minutes no OC no UC and is hitman 2 or fallout 4 gonna do the job or no
  20. Hello again, DDUd the drivers, installed the latest ones, ran a furmark at 1360x768 with 8xMSAA and got AVG: 65-70fps with +150Mhz Core clock and +420 at memory clock, is that good or should I keep testing?