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  1. ah I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest update and now it's fixed hell yeah
  2. uhh it's still not fixed lol, I've checked for windows update and there is no new update, rebooted my pc and still no fix
  3. so I can expect the problem to be solved within the next few days? if so that is perfect
  4. yeah that was under my thread lol, I need to make backups before I can try messing with regedit cuz I don't trust myself enough
  5. I mean you only needed to enable the windows search in services right? If not how did you solve it, cuz I'm pretty sure I restarted the Windows Search on services
  6. well you're lucky that your problem is so easy to fix lol, most of us are still sitting over here having to mess with regedit or hope that microsoft would one day fix the problem
  7. feels bad man, I tried for like an hour at least and went nowhere so I'm in the same boat as you buddy, incidentally when did this problem arise for you?
  8. I remember reading this https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/12/12/microsoft-admits-normal-windows-10-users-are-testing-unstable-updates/ a while ago, I always looked at all the problems everyone has with windows 10 and never paid it too much mind but now I'm genuinely annoyed
  9. looks like our windows just don't feel like working today eh goddammit I have classes tomorrow and it's getting late where I am so I can't even fix it now sigh
  10. Sounds really bad and honestly I was very worried too not knowing when this could happen to me. I don't use my phone that much when I'm home, so when my pc dies and needs resetting, I basically have no way of communicating or at least it's gonna be annoying
  11. you don't say lmao, now I'm really annoyed grrrrrrrhhhhhh
  12. really makes me wish Microsoft had better quality control
  13. already restarted the search when I tried fixing it, I've used the SFC command and no file is corrupted supposedly so I guess I can try the chkdsk command, I don't think I'm gonna bother rolling back windows updates cuz I doubt that's the cause since my search bar just suddenly broke out of nowhere