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  1. Carrt23

    No Display Output

    The monitor works. I play my xbox on it every day. Thank you tho. I actually just got it to work. When I was booting with 1 stick, I had it in the wrong slot. It works with 1 stick and still works when I add the other.
  2. Carrt23

    No Display Output

    I've tried all. The board came as "second gen ryzen ready" and I was using it with no problems besides a regular BSOD after a windows update (another fixed it). I'm so confused as to what caused it as the problem arised randomly when I was doing homework. I was finishing up a hand written draft of an essay when the monitor went to sleep then never fully woke back up. Nvm. Just fixed it
  3. Carrt23

    No Display Output

    I turn my PC on, it boots fine (I think) but no output gets displayed on my monitor. HDMI with my graphics card or onboard graphics does not work at all. When I use Displayport with my graphics card, the screen will start to wake, then go off. This continues in a loop. During this loop, my monitor will not allow me to access the settings or turn it off. I do not have a chance to see anything on the screen, I cannot even see the bios. Monitor works fine with my xbox. I fixed this problem once when I reseated ram trying to determine if I had a faulty stick or dimm. Worked for 2 days and hasnt since then. Specs: Motherboard - Asrock fatal1ty ab350 mini itx CPU - AMD ryzen 5 2400g Ram - 2x8gb g.skill ripjaws 3000 GPU - AMD rx 580 PSU - Corsair cx650 650w