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  1. Just call my friend to accept the deal. I will take it. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your reply. It seems like the best deal for 1080 ti around. I don't need Ray-tracing features from RTX GPU anyways. I will take it. Thank you, Luke!
  3. Hi all, My current rig is 8700k, 32GB RAM, GTX 1070. A friend of mine is about to sell his EVGA SC 1080 ti (still have 24-month of warranty left) to me for $280. I do search around but it seems 1080 ti has been discontinued and 2080 is the one that can compare with 1080 ti, but its cost is ~$1100. Is it a good deal for 1080 ti? Should i go for it or wait for the price drop of 2080? Thank you, Nick
  4. I will just play games on 1 monitor, the rest would be used for surfing webs, youtube or music, etc... Hope it's gonna be fine...
  5. I'm just gonna play Dota 2, Path of exile or some indie games.... will the performance be alright?
  6. Hello all, Currently, I'm having 1 1440p (144hz for gaming) and 1 1080p (60hz for youtube, etc...). I'm planning to buy 1 more 1440p monitor (60hz). Can my GTX handle these 3 at the same time? Thank you, Thanh
  7. Hello all, I'm considering buying a 2nd monitor for color/graphic works in Vietnam: U2717D ($370) or U2518D ($290). Which should I go for? As I searched around and both models are having issues with the color or monitor response time. Please help. Thanks, Nick
  8. Maybe I'll try to RMA for a new one. Thanks for the advice! Sorry to hear that
  9. Hi all, Here's my spec: i7 6700k - Z170-A - Asus Strix GTX 1070 O8G - 16GB Ram - 256GB SSD - Corsair H100i v2 My problem is whenever the card reaches about over 58-59 degrees, fans will spin but just 2 of them. They keep spinning when idle so I have to restart my pc to get everything back to normal. I did search around for solutions and quite a lot of users experience the same. I did reinstall fresh windows 10, update lastest MB BIOS. Also followed Asus advice: disconnect GPU, uninstall GPU Driver, GPU Tweak or any other software that allows changes to the fan speeds of GPU and then load optimized defaults in BIOS. Plug the GPU back in then install Asus driver's link (372.70) but non of them works. I also install lastest Nvidia driver but doesn't work (375.70) What should I do now? Please help.
  10. Thanks. I'm still confused when Linus said AIO fans should be intakes on top
  11. Hi guys, I'm about to buy H100i v2 for my 6700k. But I don't know that AIO rad fans should be exhause or intake for best performance and air flow. By the way, is this picture below shows good airflow?
  12. Pascal just has been released and now you want to wait for Volta? It's not worth waiting, get Pascal now.
  13. Get Z170-A, i'm owning one, it's great!
  14. Is there any way not to do this? Yeah maybe, definitely not the fans Lol, he is 4 years old Hmm no, it's the speaker sometimes makes weird noise, maybe psu or vga?
  15. I have heard this noise for a long time but somehow really dont care. Now I want to know exactly where this noise is coming from. Please help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24AH5qCNfZU