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  1. Whoops. I already returned the motherboard. Sorry.. But thanks. That helps a lot.
  2. I think I did. And I formatted it every time when I re-install the OS.
  3. I tried the disc and a ISO from Microsoft website, none of them worked.
  4. Um when I try to install the system it stuck at the Getting Ready stage. And I tried to re-install the system for a couple of times but it happens every single time.
  5. My previous motherboard didn't work so I asked Microsoft, and they told me that the motherboard wasn't supported..
  6. But I can't. I don't have a compatible motherboard. And I'm asking suggestions on motherboards.
  7. I can't. It's a new build. There's no OS on it now. And I bought a Win10 disc.
  8. I'm building a new computer, yes, and I need a micro-itx board because I wanted to make it more portable. But the previous motherboard that I used wasn't compatible with Win10 and gave me a lot of trouble. So anyone know about Win10 compatible FM2+ Micro-ITX motherboards? Any reply would be appreciated.
  9. I got it fixed. Thanks. Turns out that there's some problem with the USB ports that I plugged the optical drive into. I changed the port and it worked just fine.
  10. Didn't work. Still stuck. And another thing is that it took a really long time to light up my keyboard. Then when I press a key nothing happened.
  11. Okay I will try. There're 2 RAM sticks in the only 2 RAM slots on board. No PCI cards.
  12. I made a new build, yes, used a ASRock A68-ITX board. And when I try to boot it up it stuck at the stage before BIOS. And I clicked on the keyboard but it doesn't react. The optical disc drive runs from time to time, but it just wouldn't get out of the stage. What am I supposed to do? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Raspberry Pi? I think a 2 is pretty enough for what you said, and a 3 is probably better. I don't know because I had a 2.
  14. Okay. But I guess it's still silly because MS is trying to get into something that they're TOTALLY not familiar with into their mature product. And it would definitely make a negative impact on the further strategies made by MS.