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  1. this is one amazing way of problem solving, aint it? Argueing with each other like it gonn do something. Yall finished r yall done?
  2. Hey, rmaed my pc. The are going to replace it all. Now, i got a spare mouse and keyboard laying around, and i can connect it to a friends monitor. Ill tell you about the results. Oh, and about the ps3... i thought it started looking bad after i got my pc in, but i was wrong... the game looked bad the whole time, bit i was just used to it.
  3. Look, we are just trying to keep our hope. This topic will be abandoned in about 1 week if everyone stopped 'telling stories'. But how much research have you done? Instead of complaining tell us about your theory/research.
  4. I really agree with the 'keeping a dark secret' one. Every morning i wake up with the urge to game, but than i realise i cant. Fuck this, 4 real tho
  5. hmmm, but i think we share the same sockets. Now this problem isnt exactly impossible. According to my dad, the power could some how fuck up in the psu, which can fuck up some of the gpus performance. Now my dad hasnt done any research about this issue, and just thought that would be the most logical problem. Here i have a theory. The power goes through the fusebox (i have a older model according to the electricity company). After that the cables bring the power upstairs, to my room. Now i think that i over stressed one off my sockets, because i have my pc, tv and overpowered and pretty old amplifier connected to it. I think that when the socket got all messed up, everything i connected to it got the exact same problem as my pc. (Not my phone, but laptop and ps3 suffer quiete a bit) Now my ps3 didnt have any real anti aliasing problems, before i put it in the socket i think i fucked up. Right when i connected my ps3 to the broke socket (idk how to call it) shit hit the fan. The problem is annoying, but now its just getting interesting and challenging. Finding a fix for this problem will be a huge amount of accomplishement, and boy im addicted to accomplishement. So well... lets see if my theory is any good. ( i know there is about 1% real logic in my theory, but every way of logical- problem-diagnosing resulted in a waste of money and time)
  6. Just asking, but what continent/ country are you guys from. Me myself am from the netherlands, but we might be from the same country, making this a local problem.
  7. Which gives me even more evidence that this is a power problem, i mean i dont have the most powerfull laptop in the world, but i have never had aa problems like now.
  8. I did, but my laptop is suffering from the exact same problem.
  9. I tried a emulator today, with pokemon go for god sake. The anti aliasing was extremely bad. Shit was pretty much unplayable. The only games i can really play are battlefield 4 and gmod. So im planning on playing some good old pokemon (all of it, ruby, saphire, black, whatever)
  10. cuz i had to buy these things any way. i need a new tv and a ps3 (my ps3 is acting weird, so why not buy a new one, and im not talking about aa problems, but the things harddrive is broke af.) Btw, i study in IT so i think ill be able to test some shit at school. I can connect to a 5ghz connection, on the modem at school. this way ill be able to tell if its a internet problem or nah.
  11. i havent gamed for 2 weeks or so by now. im just sitting here messing with virtual machines and shit. :(((
  12. doesnt matter how long its going to take me, ill find a way to fix this fucking problem
  13. i dont know what u meant with mipmap, but well.... i got this
  14. yeah, my phone is fine, so ill be crossing that one off my list. But the tv, pc and ps3 can help me finding out about our problem
  15. Ok, fuck this problem for real. Hear me out. Im going big on this shit now. Ill buy a new phone, new tv and new ps3. No im not trolling at all, the problem is not just bugging me, its causing severe depression. So give me about a week to purchase: 1 sony bravia tv, 1 one plus one and a brand new ps3. Than after 2 weeks ill plug in a brand new pc. (rmaed my old one) Ill take screenshots and put all the info in a spreadsheet or some shit.