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  • Birthday 1991-11-09

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    Greeneville, Tn
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    Tennis, Motorcycles, Computers, Chess, Reading
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    I am a factory employee.


  • CPU
    I5 2400
  • Motherboard
    Stock Dell Optiplex 390 board
  • RAM
    16 gigs of crucial
  • GPU
    Asus Strix r9 390 8gig
  • Case
    Stock dell optiplex case.
  • Storage
    300 gig ssd toshiba 500 gig WD 7200 rpm HDD x2
  • PSU
    750Watt coolermaster
  • Display(s)
    27 inch flatron
  • Cooling
    Hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech Trackman
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. I personally only use/need/want my two 1080p 1ms monitors. Im super happy at 1080p right now. I suppose I'll just combine it with my small amount of tax refund this year which I JUST remembered is a thing.
  2. So I was looking to upgrade my r9 390x for around 200/250 american dollars, however it looks like at best overall I will only get a 10-15 fps boost. Which isnt much for 200 dollars. Should I even upgrade? or wait.
  3. So after what feels like days of research and looking at how literally nothing met ALL of my requirements....it turns out I'm going to be designing and building my own "luggable" pc with a friend. It will have literally everything I want AND have every piece be upgradeable since it is essentially a small desktop with a built in monitor and speakers. It'll also be cheap and have MY choice of parts.
  4. You are the freaking bomb dude. Thank you so much. I'm not sure how I've not come across any of this except the alienware.
  5. I'm in North America, budget isn't a problem, I honestly don't care about battery life. I'm basically looking for a portable desktop. Just something I can unplug and take with me without having to worry about a monitor and peripherals.
  6. I would prefer laptops that people have actually used. I still do care about the thermals, and with me just filing my taxes, price isn't TOO much of a concern.
  7. As the title implies, what gaming laptops do you guys recommend? I'm looking for a heavy duty gamer. At minimum I want an i7 with a 1070. I honestly do NOT care about weight, aesthetics or noise. I couldn't find a forum that really included any "heavy" ones. Decent screen would be a plus.
  8. I forgot I posted this, so to everyone curious, the GPU still lives to this day. The cheapo PSU is shot. Turns out it was a manufacturing error and they replaced it for free.
  9. Nah, he's smart and unplugged it immediately. I'm not worried about anything else but those two components. Everything else is easily replaced.
  10. So I work out of town and my brother uses my tower while I'm away right? I get news this morning that the PSU was squealing and then started smoking while playing Star Citizen. He's not very tech oriented, so I can't exactly walk him through checking everything....but what are the chances I just lost my GPU and CPU...?
  11. Thank you guys! I actually ended up picking up an EVGA 600wattt during tax free weekend. Only paid 40.00 for it. Figured I'd like some headroom just in case. I just didn't know which brands were reliable and which weren't. I didn't even know about the tier lists until I made this post.
  12. Okay I've got an Asus P8h61-m lx2 with an i5 2500s, hyper 212 evo, 16 gigs of Corsair 1600 ram, and a 1060. I want something reliable, but don't want to break the bank.
  13. Its okay! I got promoted and can finally afford a proper build!
  14. My problem was it was a janky build to begin with. I had some cutting to do and left a piece of metal exposed unknowingly which arced to the board. Found the burn mark and cried. Lol.