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  1. To my knowledge I thought that the modmic was omnidirectional? Is there a unidirectional model?
  2. So I just bought myself a Sennheiser GSX 1000 Amp+DAC to use in conjunction with my HD 598 headphones and I've finally dumped my old gaming headset (Logitech G430). I've gotta grab myself a new microphone now because I really don't want to hang a headset on my neck but I cannot for the life of me find anything that won't pick up my Cherry Blue keyboard, any suggestions?
  3. I doubt that even a Sandy Bridge i5 would bottleneck it.
  4. I've recently bought myself an IPS, FreeSync, 1440p, 144hz monitor (Acer XF270HU). For now I only really play Dota 2 and Overwatch but I do enjoy playing newer AAA if one catches my interest. However I've been disappointted by realising that my 7970 actually doesn't support FreeSync and that most of my older (and all new titles) need to be turned down from max presest, something which I'd don't like doing. For Dota and Overwatch I'd ideally want 144+ fps which suggests that a GTX 1070 is my best bet, but knowing that most AAA single player titles will run at ~60-100fps with a 1070 suggests that I may benefit from waiting for a 1440p capable AMD card as there currently isn't a good 1440p capable AMD card on the market. I'm just not aware of how advantageous the benefits of FreeSync are and there unfortunately aren't many places in the UK where I'm able to test adaptive refresh rate displays to see for myself. So what do you guys think? Pounce on a 1070 for now or wait for a 1440p capable FreeSync card?
  5. The loading circle always gets stuck at the same stage for the W10 install. I've left it for 4 hours with no progress
  6. Thanks for the replies problem with Windows 10 is that it doesn't like installing, the laptop came with Windows 10 but crashed during a Twitch stream and failed to post into W10 in non-safe mode. So W7 is running fine but I just need drivers.
  7. I've recently formatted my laptop to Windows 7 after some issues with software compatibility in Windows 10 but I've realised that the Acer website doesn't list drivers for anything under Windows 8.1. Anyone know of a solution?
  8. Pretty awesome how this is the one projector that can be used anywhere! Big props to LG for being the 1st!
  9. Thanks for the input. I noticed that you actually have the exact monitor I intend to buy :). And also a card of similar performance to a 1070. would you consider your setup, 1440p future proof for 4 years?
  10. I would have assumed that a 1070 could handle CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota at 144hz though. These games aren't very demanding.
  11. Can't go wrong with fractal cases for silence. Can't really advocate a silent case if you're switching to a quiter more modern card though. I would also suggest you wait 3 days for the Gtx 1070 release to see if there are any competitive prices. It's a he'll of a lot faster than the 970.
  12. It's becoming increasingly more apparent that 1440p is replacing 1080p, especially with new 1440p 144hz monitors becoming very competitively priced (I intend to buy one soon ). Keeping in mind that most people are happy with 45+FPS in single player games with max details, and gamers want competitive games like CS:GO and Dota 2 running at 144hz, do you think a GTX 1070 is capable of achieving this performance at 1440p in the long term?
  13. Thanks for the reply I know that much, what I meant to say is that my GPU is not reaching the specified load clock speed of 925MHz core and 1375MHz memory when under load. Instead it is locking to 480/685.
  14. The best way to test this would be to simulate two screens. If both drivers are installed (intel and AMD) you have the option to identify another screen running off the unused GPU. Try turning them on and off and see what happens.