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  • Birthday 2000-09-12

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    Computers, Apple, LGBTQ+ rights.
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    Currently making games for visually impaired/blind people. Also trans gal so yeah


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    Ryzen 3700x
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    ASROCK pro4 X570
  • RAM
    32 GB Corsair veanguence rgb 3200
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    Radeon 580x
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    CoolerMaster Silencio 352
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    2 samsung 860 evo combined 750 gb. WD red 1 TB
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    Old Chieftech 600 bronze should upgrade
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    Virtius Advance
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    Logitech g pro(none wireless)
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    Windows 10

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  1. omg I was able to come third last in the list! Feels pretty cool honestly. 476 is actually 100 higher then what I remembered my rank being before the final validation! It was really fun I will be back next year. With MORE POWAAAAR! Cheers ?
  2. Yeah I think I registered correctly in the morning for me. I filled in all questions in the link in the post ^^
  3. Phew! Thanks for easing my nerves. I signed up as soon as I saw it ^^
  4. omg I'm dumb and didn't realize that you had to sign up for the ltt giveaway until I read through the thread again... I suck at time zone conversions so I hope it's not to late. I'm in Sweden so by my calculations I think I'm in the clear. Can anyway confirm? Cause 4th of november just started in the USA right?
  5. Well... I might have completely screwed up and didn't realize I had to sign up for this giveaway specifically T_T. If the team is nice, I hope It's not to late and that I can be eligible anyway :) I just saw it this morning when I woke up in Sweden.
  6. Oh lordy! That's a lot of gpus! My client doesn't want to do any gpu WUs right now since it wants the pc to be idle. Can I change this?
  7. Can you fold on two computers at the same time? Using my laptop as a radiator for my room sounds in theory like a good idea. Sweden is getting cold now haha
  8. A question about the "20 days of having activity over the course of the whole month" requirement. I live with my family and I doubt they would want to hear the computer during the night. Does the requirement mean that you need 480 hours of activity or just being active some time during 20 of those days?
  9. I don't really know what specifik monitor to pick. But since you wanted a 27 inch I would recommend a IPS display because of its better viewing angles witch is good when we're talking about a monitor this big. If you play action games I would also recommend a panel that's 70 Hz. But that depends on witch games you play and how much graphics quality you want to sacrifice for smoothness. But if you have a 70 Hz monitor and a 1060 you would most likely always get those 70 Hz.
  10. Hi! A few days ago I bought myself an iphone x. I will probably use its camera a lot and I know that burn in can be an issue if the screen shows a static image for too long. If I use the camera app a lot some of the on-screen elements are static. Is it possible that those parts of the display could be burn-in while the rest is fine because they are moving with the camera?
  11. Hey guys! So I have a 750 ti but recently I've been thinking about upgrading so I can play the most recent games. But I thought I could overclock it to get a bit of extra life out of it. So I fired up Unigine Heaven. So I watched some youtube videos while it was running to see if it was stable without an overclock. But than I got this result. Overclocking it doesn't seem to make it that much worse however. Then I also tried the benchmark on my lenovo thinkpad workstation with a quadro M500M and got the same result. Any Ideas? BTW: The card is now 3 years old, but the workstation is only 8 months
  12. I don't know if this is the right sub forum, but since it's a mod for my own room I suppose it fits here. Hello! So I've been thinking about something lately: Could I use some RGB case fans to cool my room in the summer and also make it look dope? But how would I power the fans? I know you put the fans into a controller to change the RGB modes. But if it isn't in a computer case, where do I power the controller? Something that I also have been thinking about is putting an RGB/RGBW strip in the ceiling to give some nice lightning. But I run into the same question there, how do I control/power the strips?