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  1. In my humble opinion... It's broke. Have you tried kicking it? Kicking stuff always fixes it.
  2. Hi, I love linustechtips and watch your videos on a daily basis. Often re watching build logs and challenges multiple times! Great job! I'd like to discuss something else though. We've all heard of the $200 dollar graphics card, the RX 480. That really is a fantastic price for the performance you get. However, I live in the UK. The cheapest RX 480 card is actually £195, if you do a quick 195 GBP to USD conversion on google it will come up with $250+ bucks. India area reportedly paying $450 bucks and poland are having cards shipped over there at inflated prices too. This seems rather horribly unfair to charge 1/4 more, and in the india case more than twice the amount, just because we're not americans. I'm wondering of Linus or anyone else here can shed light onto why the $200 dollar card, isn't really $200 when it comes to the UK, and other countries. It can't all be about shipping surely! P.S. the 195 figure I quoted is tax free, so that's not being included.