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  1. When people say they are netflix and chillin, i say im linus and chillin
  2. And you can put text over top of it, and change it with out the interruption of the animated background
  3. What about animated backgrounds?
  4. Hey Is Pro Presenter Worth $400 Us Dollars, Keynote with is like $10 for the iPad, and comes FREE with mac computers, and Microsoft power point can do a simulator thing
  5. Hey, I know LMG Has the best viewers in the world, I own a windows 10 computer, I was wondering what Anti-Virus Programs I should use besides Windows defender, I want something that stronger, and will help my system, and protect me from website malware, Thanks, Adam
  6. If i dumped a iPhone with no battery, in water can i still work when i put the battery back in?
  7. Can Electronics Be Dumped In water, if there is no power anywhere on the electronic, and survive after a week of rice?
  8. But i want Linus to do it and break something
  9. Can We use Liquid Nitrogen to cool down a CPU, and see how high we can clock it!
  10. Wonder if we can hook up a GTX 1080 to the iPad for the best gaming experience ever! Lol My Mind Is Weird
  11. Nudgy


    Thank's I'm Really an IOS Person
  12. Nudgy


    My iPhone 5 has water damage, should I get it repaired? or buy a different phone, like the 6s or a Samsung? Thanks -Adam