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  1. Maybe, It just shares ALOT of similarities with the thermaltake galaxy a1 cooler
  2. A quiz with one question! What is this fan that came pre-installed in my case, AM3b socket. 4pin connecter (btw)
  3. I think im gonna have to go from the top
  4. Its definitely a screw. Easy-out?
  5. Whike trying to upgrade my crappy motherboard I ran into a problem, THIS PESKY ******* SCREW! It seems to have been installed defected, as the pattern inside has worn out... If anyone has any suggestions on how to get it out, I would appriciate it! Thanks -AlonE
  6. AlonE

    Cooling Help!

    CPU is an AMD FX-4130. Im gonne re-test the temp. Thanks for the response
  7. AlonE

    Cooling Help!

    Hello All, I am rather new to these forums - plz dont hurt me :c - and I wish for help in regards to my PC. Recently, I noticed that my CPU fan was becoming louder than a jet engine. I have checked, and replaced, the thermal paste but to no avail. The teml of my cpu hovers around 23 degrees celecius. Should I replace the cpu fan? Or just install more cooling? Thanks, AlonE