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  1. I was expecting 8th gen laptops to come like late 2018, I don't realy need the computer now I have like 4 months time or so. Maybe I see if I can buy a "normal" pc for games and some work and a laptop that can handle solidworks and I can take it to university.
  2. Nothing too demanding, csgo, ow, games like that , btw I want something that may be a little futureproof. I was also thinking on games like gta v but that is a bit demanding.
  3. Hello, I'm sort of redoing this topic because I did not get as many opinions on my older topic, done yesterday. I'm thinking on buying a laptop for university(primarly for solidworks) that I could game on since I don't have a good pc at home, I was thinking on the asus rog gl553ve with this specs i7 7700HQ 16GB 256GB SSD + 1TB GTX1050Ti for around 1275 euros in offers. MSI laptops are expensive, almost around 1900 with a gtx 1060 6gb. I would like to know what you think of it. I also saw a post which mentioned the rog gl502vm that is around 1600 euros. Thanks for helping!
  4. Gaming on free time, Solidworks on university and doing things on excel word and powerpoint. I know, I want something that may be good I don't plan on playing AAA titles on that, I'm going to play cs go on that securely, maybe overwatch (I can't on my current pc that is why I said maybe), civ 6 propably total war warhammer 2, diablo 3 and destiny 2(If my friends buy it ofc) by the way some of the games listed I don't have them.
  5. Hello. I want to start by saying that at first I wanted to build my own pc but because I need to get one that I could take to university I've decided to buy a laptop that would be futureproof. At first I was thinking on the Asus GL553VE(1400 euros) but then I saw a post about laptops under 1500 dollars and there was the Asus GL502VM that in my country costs arround 1600 euros. I would like to know what you guys think or if you can help me making the right decision because I read that de GL553 was overpriced but I don't like the red a the GL502. I'll buy the computer probably near Christmas when there are offers. Thanks for helping!
  6. Hello, I'm going to tell you my experience with LG so you can decide on what you really want, I have not bought either the g6 or the g5, I had a g3 for the past 2,5 years and it broke down recently, what I can tell you about OS support is that LG does not give updates every year or so, when I bought it (1st Frebruary 2015) I received 5.0, 6.0 was annouced but I never saw it comming to the g3 I eventualy got 6.0 after the 2 year warranty, all I know is that half a year later it broke down and I don't know why, (I just came here to talk about the support of the phone) btw don't expect to get updates like on apple. PS: I might get an S8 or P10 plus.
  7. In my country a gtx 1080 is a bit expensive, some days ago I saw one at 532 euros which was great but at the moment they are up 560 euros I think, I may be dumb or something
  8. 1200 euros, I just chose a ssd and an hdd to fill the space, I have both already.
  9. I'm planning on gaming, the only "intensive" software that I'm going to use might be solidworks.
  10. Hello I've chosen my parts but I want to read what you have to say about what I'm planning on building, (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/x8PKjc), I don't know if I should go for the ryzen 7 1700 or the ryzen 5 1600, I want to keep to pc for a very long time maybe 6+ plus years, If you recomend ryzen 5 1600 should I spend the money on the corsair VI? I hope you can help me , thank you.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to build a pc for ages but I can never decide on what to go with just because of the price but my thought is I want a pc to last some good years like the one I have at the moment that is around for 8 years or so. The concert that I have is that a ryzen 7 1700 is around 320 euros and an i7 7700k is around 330 euros (both in the same store) but if I go to another website that tells me the average price of almost all stores in my country, the i7 7700k is around 356,39 euros and de r7 1700 is 336,76 euros. I'm here to ask about the games becoming more demanding and if I more futureproofness by going the ryzen than intel. (Sorry if my english is bad.)
  12. My monitor's resolution is 1680x1050@60Hz(VGA) so I guess it is a yes maybe.
  13. Hello , 1-1920x1080 2-I don't know much about streaming so, I can't tell, I would like to learn more about it. 3- preferences- none I would like to future proof the build but as far as manufacturer goes in term of motherboards and GPUs I would like it to be ASUS 4- Well, not realy 5-Same as 4 unless if it is a boot drive. 6-At the moment I'm not considering 4k because of the budget, If I had more money I would go for 4k
  14. Hello guys. I'm thinking on building a PC for about 1 year or so, since my current pc is 7-8 years old. My current pc has a Intel core 2 Duo E7300 and a GeForce 9600GT, as you may see it has its age, I can play cs go on very low settings at around 60 fps and with a resolution of 1280x1024. The new build as been delayed as new CPUs and GPUs have come during this time, I would like to see your opinion on what I should buy. The budget is around 1000 euros it can be maybe 1100 euros. I plan on playing cs go on it and maybe some new games that may come, I also would like to make youtube videos and who knows, streaming too. I will need it for university too, using solidworks( The only program I know that I'm going to use).