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  1. its only a few degrees warmer, its just that the intake of the s340 are terrible.
  2. ya i hate the cooling of this case too, i suggest you get a single fan AIO and put it at the top as exhaust like diagram 4.
  3. no shit sherlock. I asked this question because i obviously dont want to do that every time i stress my computer.
  4. sadly fanspeed wont work cause i cant find my motherboard in its list of conifgs, havent found anyway to do it through software. im on an asus a68hm-k motherboard
  5. i wish my deepcool gammex 400 cpu cooler would mount horizontaly but it cant with amd sockets. definetly getting an aio soon
  6. surprisingly it wasnt cooler than the blower, i adjusted based on noise not rpm. they were around the same at load
  7. lol ok im gonna try it right now, ill post results. it goes 400rpm - 2000rpm.
  8. you think that would really make a noticeable difference? i got a corsair maglev i can strap to it. Been thinking about an AIO since i got the card but its expensive.
  9. So far ive had my RX480 running undervolted at 1340. 1340 was the old overclock limit i got to at and undervolt of 1.018v. Recently the 16.9.2[1 my mistake] driver came out so i was like lets try overclocking yolo? Running Unigene valley as my stress test i was able to hit 1440 and while watching HWmonitor i saw it was hitting 1.2v averaging around 1.18v although its only set to 1.15 in wattman. At these voltages i was averaging around 80c hitting 90c only at the beginning when the fan didn't ramp up yet My scores would are pathetic cause of my cpu bottleneck but i was able to get 5fps over the old 1340 undervolt clock. I hope AMD lets us set our voltage higher, im thinking of getting a AIO watercooler for it. Let me know what you guys think and try overclocking your 480 again. 3D mark time spy got a score of 4456, and my cpu bottlenecks valley but i got an extra 5fps over 1340mhz.
  10. Hey guys i recently got an rx480 and put it on my A10 7850k @4.7Ghz 12gb 1333mhz system and it is better than my old r550 but it seems to perform way worse than benchmarks. In gta 5 i barely get 40fps when people i see are getting 100+. In BF4 i get 60fps when people get 90. my Unigine Valley benchmark on ultra no AA is ~2500 when i see people getting ~3700. This is a fresh OS and i have even used AMDs clean install. Temps are ok, and in GPU Z in games its at 1330mhz 100% load the whole time. I am stumped please let me know if you need any more information to diagnose and thanks for the help.