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  1. Jared121


    I just got a razer blade 15 and for some reason i am experiencing hard lag and delays and as well as low fps when i play any game, I know this isnt normal so can someone please help me out! thanks
  2. So I just bought a razer blade 15 and I cannot change the refresh rate to 144hz........can anyone help with this?
  3. Jared121

    Computer won’t boot up

    So my computer won’t boot up and after like 10 minutes it goes to the bios and yes I have the boot priority set to my hardrive and it won’t start up
  4. Jared121


    It is
  5. Jared121


    So my computer keeps going into the bios and won’t start up and I checked to make sure my hard drive is plugged in and everything and it still won’t work
  6. Jared121


    is there anyway to replace the panel?
  7. Jared121


    i mean it has nothing to do with the cable since i used both hdmi and display port and it looked the same and its a 144hz AOC LCD monitor
  8. Jared121


  9. Jared121


    so recently i turned on my monitor and i realized it had horizontal lines going through it and about an inch of the screen on the right is just straight white with lines going through it as well someone help plz
  10. Jared121


    So I recently got a buddy’s of mines hardrive and I plugged it in and it says NTDLR is missing someone plz help
  11. Jared121

    Hard drive problems

    So my hard drive is making a weird clicking noise but I opened it up and the hand seems to be moving perfectly normal plz help
  12. Jared121

    Hard drive problems

    So recently my hard drive broke and I was wondering if I just used a 128 gb flash drive for now if that would work or not
  13. Jared121

    Hard drive problems

    So recently my computer got tipped over and fell and ever since my hard drive is making a weird clicking noise and won't work I even looked at the disc and circuit board on it and couldn't locate any problems plz help
  14. Jared121


    70-85 but i have a 60hz monitor
  15. Jared121


    should i have v-sync on because when i have it off i get bad screen tearing and whenever i have it on it drops my fps down to 45 in h1z1