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  1. He does, but several of my favorite youtube guys interview him and pick his brain for answers on questions for power supplies and how they work.
  2. Not to be against this Slottr, but why does it take calling a company out on social media to get some damn customer service?
  3. That is crazy to see you jonnyGuru. Honor to have you post on my thread and I love your work and interviews on power supplies. That being said after calling repeatedly and trying every extension, someone picked up when I hit extension 8. Now, I spoke heavily with a guy by the name of Fo (Pho?) who told me they have been in the middle of a move from one location to another. I said if that was the case, and it put a delay past there 2 week expectation window for a replacement part, why not notify their customers? I asked for a manager, and he let me talk to a guy named Mike. After explaining my situation and why I was frustrated that a premium product like the H500M (a least in comparison to the H500P) still did not have product support for parts that can fail (or in my case not even be included). I was trying to wrap my mind around how the company that carried the pedigree of the HAF X (my daily driver for years which when I had the front I/O failed a month after purchase had parts ready to go) and the GTS V8 air cooler could mess up such a case that has been on the market since January, at least in terms of parts as the tooling was the exact same on the H500P. I was told they would reach out to Newegg, who had no availability on the case (so they couldn't RMA) as all of CM's incoming cases were designated for them, and see if they could pull me a case. Mike called me this evening (finally the first follow up!) to notify me that there was no way they could pull any of the cases from the Newegg shipment with no ETA on future delivery. They presented three options. 1. They think one of the employees in their support section had a H500M case they were not using and could send me the part I was missing originally in my case (specifically the proprietary aRGB controller and the rear power supply cable cover that it mounts to). He needed to ask the guy as it may have been the H500P 2. They had no way to get me the case from Newegg, but I could still RMA with Newegg once the new shipment arrived, so long as I did so before they sell out again (they sold out the day after initial release June 24/25, 2018). I asked do they know when they would be arriving because I spoke to my Newegg Business account manager the day before and they still had no estimate on a restock. So Mike is hunting down that lead. 3. Was the controller for sale as a seperate SKU? CM's online store had been down for quite a while, but I wondered if there was maybe a way to buy the item under a different SKU a la when CM used to sell replacement parts for their cases like side panels and top mounts and fans direct from their online store back in 2013-2015. Maybe the part was available in that way. Awaiting patiently on the follow up tomorrow. I'll keep this tread posted with my findings. Its a shame. I loved my HAF X and even used a lot of the new RGB water coolers in my customers builds as they had a 3 year warranty and a good price, but now I may cut CM from all of my future customers builds because of this massive blunder.
  4. It's been over 3 weeks since I posted my issue with missing parts in my H500M case. Now Cooler Master Supports phone number doesn't even work. No response to emails and 0 response in regards to voicemails left on answer machines. The parts request section of CM Fanzone isn't even accessible anymore so I can't even check the status of my parts request. What do I do?
  5. Update for folks reading this down the road. Out of the 4 cards that shipped with the laptop: -ATI FirePro™ M7820 Graphics with 1GB DDR5 dedicated memory (supports ATI Eyefinity multiple display technology5) -NVIDIA® Quadro® 5000M Graphics with 2GB DDR5 dedicated memory -NVIDIA Quadro FX 2800M Graphics with 1GB DDR3 dedicated memory -NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800M Graphics with 1GB DDR3 dedicated memory The NVIDIA Quadro 5000M was never actually included, it was only ever proposed and then never released in this generation of laptop. The ATI FirePro M7820 ran well temperatures wise and performance wise and I used it for a short while. One day I happened across a card called the ATI Mobility HD 5870 which was essentially a shrunk down laptop version of the HD 5870. They made a card that fit the proprietary form factor of the M6500. I purchased one from eBay and installed it, pushing resolution to 1920X1200. Crimson Drivers and newer game drivers available and it was DX11 compatible Specific part: Dell GC63V ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1GB Graphics Video Card This card rocks. I was running DOOM 2016 (admittedly with Vulkan) on 1080P. All modern DX11 games. This card brings it up to speed (it is still dated never the less) but still a great upgrade since they sell on eBay even now for less that 70 bucks with heatsink.
  6. They said it was a honest mistaken and are RMA me some new parts. The H500P originally sucked but since then they have done quite a bit to fix it.
  7. So I got in my CM H500M the "premium" variant with swappable mesh front panel, tempered glass on top, right, left and front, 2 200m aRGB fans (instead of the typical RGB fans) to finally replace my HAF X. Out a brand new Ryzen 2700X system with a kit of Avexir's Raiden Series Tesla RAM (16GB) and a XFX Vega 56 with a XFX Aftermarket Cooler (RX-VEGALDFF6). Build is coming together and guess what? NO aRGB Controller. In fact the whole panel is straight up missing. The "cover" for the PSU on the back side, is where the controller is supposed to be mounted according to the included documentation. Mine? Doesn't have it. Just straight up missing. Worst part is they use a proprietary 3 pin connector, that doesn't work with standard RGB headers. Calling CM on Monday to find out what happened, just trying to see if anyone else experience this... Ted
  8. And as far as counting the VRAMs... The small rectangular heat sinks you see in the picture are soldered onto the chips... I was surprised... figured it was an adhesive. Saw someone mention it in a reviewer site saying they attributed the better OCs to the better VRAM cooling with direct VRAM cooling using soldered on heatsinks and that the other cards offered by other brands with beefier GPU coolers were not better overclockers, because they would give up cooling the VRAMs.
  9. Update: I googled the UPC number G4TI4200A8B3DO-MAHAA, just to see what would come up, and this was the only result in all of google: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/uber-hot-pny-geforce-ti4200-64mg-agp-poss-128mg-79-at-bby-dead.1014564/page-23 Some forum from 2003. On that page, and the next, the individual talks about his experience getting one of these cards, when he was supposed to get to get a PNY TI4200, but instead got this weirdly blue colored (the others were purple PCBs) Ti4280. Apparently a company called Albatron, produced them, in 64mb and 128mb variants, and as a result of PNY not able to keep up with demand to supply Best Buy specifically, bought some from Albatron, and slapped their own GPU cooler on there. Also it appears that some mix and matching was coming out of the PNY factory, because people would buy 6-10 of these cards and occasionally get a 128MB variant in a box marked for 64MB, then return the rest. Everything else was the same. Apparently these Albatron cards were the best OCers for the GeForce4 Generation because of the quality of the PCBs Albatross put out (reading this from a few tech reviewers forums). I saw some guy saying you would never need more than 64MB of VRAM for gaming, and that 128 was overkill... laughable now, wonder if we look the same way at 8GB of VRAM being too much, when 10 years from now, we will have 4-8TBs of VRAM.
  10. But, why is it not marked on any GPU reviewer site, as ever existing. Even the PNY database lists only a 64MB variant listed as a TI 4200.
  11. Alright, so I was going through my Grandfather's old computers, and was scrapping them for parts, when I come across this beauty: A PNY Geforce 4 Ti4280 AGP card. Now initially, I did what everyone does, checked out ebay to take a look at what it was worth. It came up with the same exact PCB but different cooler and memory size. Now the one listed on the card stated 64MB based on the sticker, which also said that it was a Geforce Ti4200. The one listed online, that looks exactly the same (minus the cooler) lists 128MB. I was confused. So I plugged it into a rig, and booted it up, and the BIOS detected 64MB. I took a second and booted into windows 7. Oddly, in GPU-Z it stated it had 128mb... I am at a loss. So I dug around some GPU databases, and found that during the Geforce 4 generation PNY only produced a 64mb Ti4200. No mention of a PNY 128mb Ti4280. The PCB matched the other online, but no one else had it. Anyone have some insight into this card? Any idea what it is, and why it shows different memory in bios then the OS? And why does it have heatsinks on both side, and is miss marked as a ti4280?
  12. And thats without government pricing inflation....
  13. They refused the 6950X. So upset. Had to go with 6900k............. My OIC spit his coffee out when I said 1700 dollar processor all over the conference room table.
  14. Just trying to pitch the Titan XP against the 1080 currently to justify the price difference. It would blow away any compute requirements they have for map rendering and imagery analysis.
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. Especially the size diagram.