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  1. Great, I just broke my laptop permanently, now the power LED wont even show up and it looks totally bricked.
  2. So somehow I got it working, but now the sata port isn't working. The HDD turns on, but the BIOS doesn't recognize it.
  3. Unfortunately I only have one charger, I have tried w/o the battery. The screen does not flicker and no components are responsive except for the power led turning on then immediately turning off and the charging led when the battery is in the laptop and the laptop is plugged in.
  4. well the only part of the laptop I have opened so far is the part where you switch ram and a storage component so I don't know how to find that.
  5. @exercutor5, your suggestion unfortunately did not work.
  6. How would I find the CMOS battery?
  7. Sorry @Johnscorner and @exercutor5, the forum didn't show me that you send me a message, just found out. @exercutor5, I will try that now.
  8. The model is a GL551J if that is relevant
  9. Actually, on the side I see a hole with an icon that is a lock with the letter K inside. Is this the correct thing?
  10. I don't see any reset buttons under the battery location for some reason.
  11. Is there anyway I can diagnose what is wrong with my Asus ROG laptop from september 2015. The power indicator immediately turns off after attempting to turn it on. The screen doesn't light up at all. The charging indicator is on when plugged in however. I have no electrical knowledge. The laptop broke a few months ago when through the day it become more and more unstable freezing and turning off a lot. By the end of the day the machine because useless. Luckily it had nothing to do w/ my SSD and I took it out and am using it now in my new desktop but I would like to see if there are any solutions before trying to get a refund or a repair because I had tinkered w/ it a little (I'm a moron) and a lot of screws are missing and part of it is stretched out. Thanks!
  12. Wow, so I found the problem. When I was adding the ram I got some wires stuck in the CPU fan making it unable to move causing the CPU to overheat and throttle LOL
  13. It happens across various games did not happen before I added the ram, I must have messed something up inside. I'm tired right now but tommorow Ill test on windows.