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  1. I just checked the manual and tried it...worked perfectly....wow I'm a derp, thanks so much
  2. Wait, PCIe lanes from the chipset is a thing that exists?!
  3. So here's the thing (this is about gaming and basically nothing else). I currently have an i7-6700k. I have an rtx 3080 on the way. Yes yes, I need to upgrade. I realise that. The problem is I have a PCIe soundcard and usb card that take up 2 PCIe lanes, meaning that, on Intel's consumer architecture, I can only give ANY GPU 8x PCIe gen 3 lanes and no more. So the question is...do I upgrade to an intel consumer CPU (thinking 10700k) and still run the 3080 at 8x pcie3, or do I upgrade to an AMD Ryzen (thinking 3800xt), which comes with 24 pcie4 lanes, thus giving the 3080 a full 16 pcie4 lanes? The Intel option is obviously faster for gaming, but I don't know how much 8x pcie3 lanes is going to matter vs the performance difference of the Intel option and the AMD option.
  4. There we go. Thank you! I thought that there was some sort of limit like that, but I didn't know if Nvidia changed it or what. I know AMD's eyefinity allows what was it, 6 monitors per GPU max?
  5. They're mismatched monitors so I don't want to use them for triple monitor gaming and I'm a she, not a he.
  6. Sure, let me sell an extra PCIE slot?
  7. I don't have anything to use it for, otherwise I just might
  8. I actually tried it. I got lower FPS when the other two monitors were connected to my main GPU than when they were on the GT 630 with no other differences.
  9. Well, last I knew (things might have changed), Nvidia GPUs only supported 2 monitors each? Also, my 1080 doesn't have a VGA port, and the DVI port is being used. Also, yeah, small performance hit on the 1080 running more monitors that I'd like to pass on.
  10. Why, what? Why run 2 GPUs? To maximise performance of the 1080. I know it wouldn't eat much performance off the 1080, but eh, I'd prefer to get every drop of performance I can out of it.
  11. So, I have a GT 630 and a GTX 1080. My goal is to plug all my monitors but one (the main one, since they're all mismatched) into the GT 630 and only use the only plugged into the 1080 for gaming. I know Nvidia at least USED to be limited as to the number of monitors you can use. Is it still that way? Is it limited per video card or total? How many monitors can I have on each card?