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  1. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

    I did ddu but my freesync monitor should be compatible with the gsync update that nvidia rolled out on january 15
  2. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

    i3 6100 8gb of ddr3 ram mobo h110m k d3 gpu gtx 1050ti windforce oc 3hdd and an ssd
  3. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

    just did nothing changed i get no gsync option in the nvidia control panel
  4. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

    im using a gtx 1050ti but that shouldnt be a problem since the gsync compatible driver
  5. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

  6. Pkelexz

    Monitor Driver issue

    So i got an aoc g2260wq6 I have it connected through dp 1.2 even enabled it on the panel settings buti cant seem to get freesync to work. I went to the aoc website and downloaded the drivers but they are on beta and not signed. even if i try disabling the signing thing from cmd (test environment) it wont install.any help signing the driver or anything else? i only get the error the third party inf does not contain signature information
  7. So I'm looking to buy this Dell backpack https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-professional-backpack-15/apd/460-bcbr/carrying-cases will it fit my Lenovo IdeaPad 330s-15arr?
  8. Pkelexz

    storage causing stutters?

    i was wondering can my 6-7 year old hdd cause stuttering in games? because i have been noticing a lot of stutters with my i3 6100 gtx 1050ti 8gb ram rig
  9. Pkelexz

    Psu causing system instability?

    I get 57 degrees max on the CPU and 59 max on GPU I don't run an overclock because my board doesn't support it. Maybe something got in the socket of the cpu?
  10. Pkelexz

    Psu causing system instability?

    its been a while even with a gtx 750 that my friend gave me i still had those stutters
  11. So i have a coolermaster b500 ver.2.My house has been having its ups and downs with power outage and my pc with an i3 6100 8gb ram and a gtx 1050ti has been a stuttering mess. i was wondering if the stutters are coming from my power supply or there is something wrong with my motherboard/cpu.(Gpu is not the problem because i just got the card 4 days ago)
  12. Pkelexz

    New mechanical keyboard

    So my tt Poseidon z with kailh blue switches started to flop on me after somewhat of 4months I'm going to replace it with a outemu red board . I'm just wondering if outemu switches are more durable than kailh because I don't want the same thing happening when a key would show up on screen after 8 tries
  13. Pkelexz

    upgrade from i3 6100

    i guess i have to at this point
  14. Pkelexz

    upgrade from i3 6100

    the ryzen 2600 is certainly a lot cheaper than the i5 in my country
  15. Pkelexz

    upgrade from i3 6100

    asus h110m k-d3