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  1. Hi everyone, I have an issue with my monitor. It is a LG 34um59-P - 21:9 ar, 2560x1080 . Well, more like i created one.... let me explain: I recently (and finally) got into the VR game, I got a Oculus Rift (the old one). While the oculus has its own issue (bent pin in the hdmi port, but it does work), multiple friends recommended me to use the hdmi connection on my GPU and do not use adapters, which i confirmed myself do not work. So i wanted to connect the above mentioned monitor do a different port. Here's where my issues begin. I have a Vega64, so only 1 hdmi and 3 DP's. First i bought a DP to HDMI cable but that only displayed 1920x1080. Nothing else worked - I tinkered with the monitor settings, tried to set a custom resolution... I read the whole "Guide to Display Cables / Adapters" pinned in this forum and i believed to purchase a adequate adapter. It was listed as DP 1.3 m and HDMI 2.0 f, supporting up to 4k60hz. When i connect it, the screen starts to flicker, tho you can see it showing the full resolution for a second, it doesn't work in the end and just displays a blue screen. Anyone here managed to get this monitor to work over DP? Any help will be appreciated.
  2. So I am finally upgrading, I already have some parts on the way, namely an i7 6700k, Asus z170 Deluxe and 32gb Kindston Predator ddr4. BUT! I will be using a BenQ XR3501 - res: 2560x1080, 144Hz and I cannot decide on a graphics card... I was thinking about buying two 980tis since they dropped in price.. two 1070s are slightly cheaper, less cuda cores, but i will be only gaming, But im not sure how futureproof are these solutions So the 3rd option is to buy one 1080... Question is: Will it last for atleast 3 years? I do not plan to upgrade in the next 3 years. But games are more and more demanding each year What do you think is the better option?