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  1. OK let me give you a run down of what my problem is, i recently got the new gtx 1080 asus strix rog, and to compensate for my monitors lack of display ports i bought an adapter its an active adapter so it supports 144hz, the adapter is display port (male) to dvi-d (female). Now i have two of the same monitors the Acer GN246HL 144hz monitors, my setup now is one monitor plugged directly into dvi and the other is run through the adapter to the adaptor plugged into the dvi port of my 1080. The one that is plugged into the adapter is set to run by default at 60hz so i change it in my display settings to 144hz, when i did that it changed to my desktop sceen but it was all glichy looking and had lots of lines their was a monitor warning thing bouncing around my screen like the old windows logo did saying "Incorrect cable. Please use the dual link DVI cable that came with your monitor" (which i am using) Then it shows a picture of a dual link dvi cable. Please if you know a solution or a fix please let me know ASAP i hate 60hz. If you need more details just ask, i will be more than happy to supply you with more.
  2. Hi, i have a broken sony bravia tv that has worked for 2-4 years and now it has started getting vertical lines all around the display.