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  1. Oh ok maybe 50$< will come once R5 series is launched . just my guess .
  2. what is your budget for the Mobo and Processor?
  3. This same happend with me also, Please check your PSU for any defects . I had an old Corsair GS600 (5yrs old) and it started with random restarts and MB displaying the same message of Surge Protection. If this continues then go ahead and try some other PSU .
  4. I am also waiting for the Bench Marks as AMD did promise a lot on R7 but everyone knows the story. So I will suggest to wait for the benchmarks and then decide which one to buy I5 or R5 . Personally am looking at 1600x as it fits well into my budget. Let's hope for the best.
  5. How old is your 500W PSU ? I suspect psu is at the fault here . If Pc restarts only while gaming then mostly its your PSU at fault .
  6. First find out whats causing " Low System Memory " uses , also have you consider installing fresh copy of windows ? Please take all necessary back ups and Install fresh copy of windows and see if GPU is still bottle-necking your system .
  7. Wonderful Post . I faced some issue with my Old PSU recently and when I plugged it directly into wall point 90% issue resolved and PC worked great . So before taking everything apart first step should be to by pass all UPS/powerstrips and connect PSU to wall directly just for testing
  8. Guys issue resolved , actually solution is bit silly buy yeah ! it worked . Yesterday I was about to order new PSU while an simple Idea saved good 134$ for me. I noticed that there is'nt enough ventilation and may be due heat PSU is'nt performing as it should be so I Whatsapp this to my friends and made call to one my gaming buddy who suggested that I should keep my PSU out of the case for testing and VOILA...! it worked after placing PSU out side the case I've been playing TW3 for almost 4hrs now and there is no restart or system failure at all . So now ill add two more fans at the bottom for intake and will add few wood blocks to raise system height so that PSU can breath easily . Big Big Thanks for all your support guys ..!
  9. It ran well for some time but after some time PC reboots .Tonight after office I'll play W3 as long as I can and will upload MSI GPU log file here . It will be really helpful if some one can read those file and tell me exactly what's wrong . Also in event manager I couldn't find any errors for power failure .
  10. hello guys its me once again , I have corsair GS600 PSU and few days back I posted about PC restarting while gaming . Now here is the confusing part I did few tests and now am more confused on exactly which component is causing restarts . following tests i did 1> Replaced Ram chips = No luck Pc still restarts 2> Removed side panel cover = No lcuk here as well 3> Replaced PSU connectors = No Luck . 4> As suggested by my friend I removed all UPS and Power Strips Connected my PC directly in to wall point and voila Pc ran well. I was able to play Rise of Tomb Raider for good 5-6 mins but no Restarts , so I started Witcher 3 and the game started well for good 10mins . Still not satisfied I downloaded FurMark and CPUZ for stress testing . 1> Fur Mark = GPU Under full load for good 7 mins , Temps were around 71-73C but when I exited from FurMark PC rebooted again and showed Anti Surge message . 2> CPUZ= With CPU under full laod on all 6 cores the Temp never went past 52C and here there was No restarts as well . 3> just to make sure I ran both CPU and GPU stress at same point for good 2-3mins and No pc restart at all . I can't figure it out exactly whats causing problem is it PSU or some other component . Is it possible that PSU is overheating and because of this its restarting ? Also for how long I can run these stress tests ? Guys am sorry to post this again but please help me diagnosing ? the new RM750X costs good 9000/- INR (134$ US) . So before I invest in it I just want to make sure am buying correct part . I dont have option to swap any parts as none of my friends own good PSU all of them are using unrated local PSUs and i dont want to risk my hardware here . My system Config :- CPU:- AMD FX 6300 MB:- Asus M5A78L-M usb3 RAM- Corsair 8Gb DDR3 GPU- ASUS Strix r9 380 (2GB) PSU- Corsair GS600
  11. BUMP..! small update :- Just to make sure that its not some other component I did stress tests on both CPU and GPU , and the results were astonishing . CPU under 100% load had Temps not more than 40C (using Hwmonitor) for GPU when I clicked on STRESS GPU button BAAAM....machine restarts ..so now I will take my GPU to a friend and do same tests again . Any ways guys please suggest any good 750W modular PSU from Corsair or Cooler Master . In india I dont think I have much options to choose from other brands . Till PSU upgrade I will stay away from my Pc and use my old trusty Laptop . Thank You ..!
  12. Thank for reply guys . I have disabled Reboot on Error option in Advance Settings still system Reboots under load , now I think it is PSU after all .One question tough Is it safe if I use this system only for Movies or to perform basic tasks ? as at the moment I dont have enough money to buy new PSU immediately .
  13. Thanks buddy but are you sure its PSU ? because Movies/Songs and other applications are working just fine . Also if its PSU is it safe to run this machine ?
  14. Hello guys , since today evening my system Restarts whenever I am playing games at High or Ultra settings . Games I play :- Witcher 3 , American Truck Simulator and Rise Of Tomb Raider , at this point While playing Witcher 3 system rebooted and displayed Surge Protection Error and then same scenario happend with ROTR also . At first I thought its driver issue so I rolled back my AMD drivers to previous version but No luck . Please help me with this issue . Following is my system Config CPU:- AMD Fx6300 MB :- Asus M5A78L-M Usb3 GPU:- StriX R9 380 (2GB) RAM:- Corsair Valu select 8gb DDR3 PSU:- Corsair GS600 (5 years old)
  15. 1. for your " I can't watch any youtube videos " this issue please try to use 2-3 different browsers like If you are using Firefox switch to google Chrome and see if videos load . Also switch off any firewall you have installed (Antivirus / Windows firewall) just for the tests . Do you face this issue with youtube only or there is error with all other websites ? Downlaod latest version of adobe flash player for browsers other than Chrome . Chrome comes with flasplayer inbuilt also try updating your browser . 2. Again for Steam issue where it is stuck at UPDATING BOX disable any antivirus you have and see if application works . Also downloading and reinstalling fresh copy of steam might resolve this issue . Sorry but I dont have any clue about other issues.