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  1. I've re installed windows 10, previously I can set custom refresh rate on both of my monitors (both on 1920x1080). But right now in Radeon settings I've specifically set Display 2 to display 100hz but the settings can only be applied on Display 1, Display 2 only goes for default refresh rates (60, 75, 120, 144). Radeon ver 19.9.2 2 monitor set to extend.
  2. (Logitech G703 WIRELESS mouse) I do not know(or even care) if someone already found this or not. So it's been months since the mousewheel problem existed but the only fix I found where ever is to update the firmware, it doesn't work on mine. I tried everything but the only thing that work is by plugging it in directly, it's so simple and it's also so silly because it's a WIRELESS mouse but for it to be working correctly it needs cable?! That means the problem is the USB dongle. I'm wondering if there is a link for buying the logitech dongle only? Or is there any other fixes except just updating the firmware? Please let me know because I really need this mouse working WIRELESSLY
  3. I have a dual monitor setup, I use both DP 1.2 and I use freesync. But when I play any game the second monitor always flickers(black screen) as if the DP cable was reinstalled. My current solution to this is changing the second monitor to go DP 1.1 but that disables freesync, how do I fix this? I want to use freesync on both monitors. Also if I buy a DP 1.4 cable, would my monitor also go 1.4 or it depends if the monitor supports it or not?
  4. kecap

    Cloud II Soundcard

    So I just broke my factory cloud II soundcard by doing something I don't know (it's not ripped or anything but it's not detected in any of my computer). I couldn't afford to buy a soundcard from HyperX because they're just too expensive, I was wondering could there be an alternative method so I can use my mic and audio like usual without having to buy an expensive soundcard? Also if you didn't know the cable of the Cloud II is very short without the soundcard I made sure the soundcard was broken because it only lights up when I plugged it in but it doesn't get detected and if I pressed the 7.1 button it doesn't light up only the LED light that comes up EDIT: I disassembled the soundcard and figured there was a green cable broke off the solder, I soldered it back again and it was fixed.
  5. The answer I was looking for! Thanks so much.
  6. I have a Ryzen 5 1600 and a RX 580, I'm planning to get 2 Acer KG251QF, 1 in the center for gaming and on the side for other stuff. Is it possible to get stable 144fps+ ingame if both monitor active? For example 1 gaming and the side is browsing/discord/youtube. Recommendations on other 144hz monitor in the same price range or lower is appreciated Thanks
  7. Would something from tier 2-3 from the PSU tier list be good enough for what I'm trying to achieve? The only thing I can afford in the tier 1 is the Bitfenix Whisper M 550W Also no, I can't return it because I made this build in mid 2017 rip
  8. I'm a beginner with overclocking. I think I went 1.4V on the CPU when I got 3.8Ghz. I tried 1430Mhz which is 5Mhz above the OC+ clock based on XFX's website, max I got is using the OC+ settings XFX gave. I will try increasing the power limit on the GPU, thanks.
  9. I don't think so, all I did was edit the frequency on Radeon settings WattMan
  10. I've decided I want better performance with my PC, the current build is a Ryzen 5 1600 with XFX RX 580 and a Seasonic M12II-520 520W. I tried overclocking my cpu, I once got 3.8Ghz stable but then I tried OCin my GPU just a TINY bit, it crashed and now I put everything on base clock just to be safe. Would I get better OC with a bigger watt PSU? I'm currently looking at Seasonic S12II-620 620W or if there's something better please recommend me. Thank you.
  11. Thank you peeps, I appreciate the replies. He might be settled with 5T.
  12. Noted. Do you know something else ?