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  1. Having some real issues with setting rules for OpenVPN with iptables on Ubuntu 18.04. Main issue being that the rules I write just don't work. all I want is for all traffic over the OpenVPN to be blocked apart from port 3389 (remote desktop port) I have done this : Where am I going wrong i'm really confused.
  2. Catalina. Yeah it should, Im wondering if the disk encryption on it stops the services from running.
  3. We have a Mac Mini in our office that unfortunately sometimes reboots, the issue is that when it reboots networking isn't started until a login has been done on the machine physically which during covid-19 lockdown is impossible. Has anyone seen this happen with a mac / found a fix ?
  4. Hi, I am trying to allow the developers at my company to change X-Code versions without needing me to enter admin credentials. I don't want to give them admin privileges just the ability to do this one thing.
  5. Hi, So essentially my issue is that I have set require SSL on my FTP Site AND The Root of IIS. However when trying to connect with FileZilla I still get the issue of "534 Local policy on server does not allow TLS secure connections." Really stuck and can't find an answer
  6. So I see what you are saying, I am more than happy to get the 2080ti used, Lowest ive seen one for is £900 (damn we get destroyed for PC hardware here thats $1109 lol) Ideally im happy to just leave the 3900x on the stock cooler for now and come back to it later, Id ideally want x570 for the PCI-e 4.0 but i do see im gonna struggle and need to compromise. I am properly scared about hardline tbh. Ive never done it and worry im gonna bork it
  7. So the time is coming up for me to do a new build, I am aiming to do it in around 6 weeks time, I went soft tube watercooling last time and it was great and fun, but, Hard Tubing is sexy. Here is the issue, Im scared out of my wits about doing it. what do i do ! haha Budget is £2500 (Will be using pre-exisiting : PSU, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, 2 SSD's & 3 HDD's ) What I want : 2080ti & 12 Core Ryzen What I will never ever want : 2080 super not for me sorry What im also willing to reuse (my D5 Pump) Overall build Nice Case 12 Core Ryzen 3900x with 16-32gb ram NVME SSD for boot drive 2080ti Hard tubing watercooling (on the GPU, im not as fussed with the CPU but would be nice) Please help me :(
  8. IF you do not wish to do any of the above please post the Motherboard you are using as it may be possible to bypass. also a quick check, you do have a Fan on the Radiator right ?
  9. As someone that works in Tech Support and has to deal with Apples dying and the userbase being "difficult" i cannot say that its unfounded. Also Mac Mail is abhorrent :'(
  10. Well fair play ! one good deed does not cancel a bad one though.
  11. yuck - this sounds real.... fake But if you read on it wasn't
  12. I would honestly say just f**k apple at this point. Only review something if you are gonna sh!t on it. F**k em. Infact why not blow it up and comment on how its now functionally better at being a real computer.
  13. I have had my 4790k since near launch and its always been a good little solider, I lost the sillicon lottery hard with it though - never been able to push it past stock. Recently my temps have gone up even after changing cooler. I have considered that maybe its not making correct contact with the Chip. But regardless its always performed thermally not great Custom Loop - AIO - Stock - Another AIO - all been pretty shocking actually. I don't thermal throttle but i see it hitting 60s when gaming now and that's annoying. I have considered de-lidding and applying a better compound - I think liquid metal would be a really bad idea though so i want to stay away from it. Anyways any ideas ? Is my chip just giving up the ghost despite not being overclocked ? Things to note : Enhanced Turbo is on giving me 4.4 on all cores During my custom loop I had one radiatior fail so was forced to go down to one massive rad which obvs didnt help temps. I run my fans low but not super low its currently on an AIO that had its backplate destroyed (not by me) so using the backplate from my old EK that was part of my custom loop. I have secured this down fully and can confirm it was making full contact when i was testing the mounting.
  14. So this is weird, i have begun using budgie and its great apart from one small issue (see picture attached) in terminal only. How can i fix this ?
  15. Ive spent money on FUT so i can't really claim to be above this, fucking awful what EAids do though
  16. I might be wrong but haven't people managed to get Linux running on the PS4 ? Trying to avoid being banned by being slightly vauge, anyways if my above statement is correct then perhaps someone motivated enough will do the same on the xbone ?
  17. Why does windows do this ? It's a Partition of a few drives in Raid 0, However the other partitions show up
  18. Also thank you, we are now doing this @NelizMastr to the rescue also !
  19. It's getting to the point where i might have to start a church of @leadeater, to the rescue again man 3 times in 2 weeks ?
  20. Hi, Having trouble converting a linked mailbox to a user mailbox with exchange 2016, I have explored this option : Is it on Exchange 2010 ?! You can use the Set-User commandlet like this example : Set-User -Identity kweku@fabrikam.com -LinkedMasterAccount $null However this doesnt work on exchange 2016. i have also explored the ADSI edit option : However you still can edit the user attributes with ADSIEdit directly: delete the msExchMasterAccountSid set msExchRecipientTypeDetails=1 enable the user accoun but i wouldnt be sure where to go to change this within ADSI Edit. Can anyone help ?
  21. is it that dumb 2 screw mounting mechanism that HP Servers use ? Only read below if you are happy with a vulgar rant on Dell and HP