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  1. it's more to fix an annoyance with my motherboard, i want to get a new motherboard to fix my usb port on the front of my case cus my mother board doesnt support them. and i thought why not up the cpu as well
  2. my graphics card is a gtx 970. psu 500w. ram is ddr 3 8g but i will change to ddr 4 if i have to. currently using an i5 4670k. and my mother board is a h81m s2pv gigabyte.
  3. I'm new to building computers and i'm looking to upgrade my processor to i7 6700k and having trouble finding a mother board that will work. it needs to be micro atx to fit can some one help me thanks!
  4. It's a pre built but not by dell or up I got from online from a place called fresh tech
  5. rohs that's all that I know about the product type
  6. So I've been recently been looking at getting the new nivdia Gtx 1070 however, my power supply doesn't have any of the pin connectors (or whatever you call them) it's a 550w power supply will it be ok to order adapters from molexes to 6 pin to 8 pin. I don't want anything blowing up