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  1. The gtx980 is not "good enough" to run most games? That budget i had only in mind( cpu,mobo, ram)
  2. Also. Even if ddr5 comes this year its going to be expensive because there will be low variety, and now coronavirus is just going to make it worse / delay it even more
  3. I am from portugal. My budget is give or take 600$ can do more if its really worthy .
  4. I got an Corsair Ssd force LS240gb + WD Blue 1Tb 64mb + 320gb Green 32mb.. i dont even use 40% of my space ... Is ssd still good? If I am buying its going to be new, is it also "good" in today standards? Thanks for help.
  5. Yo everybody. I built my pc in 2015 and the setup is the following: CPU: i5 4690k w/ CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO MB: Asus Sabertooth z97 mk2 RAM: 2x 8gb 1600mhz DDR3 GPU: Asus Strix GTX980 4GB DDR5 I think this is the most important, my MB / RAM (ddr3) is outdated i guess. I pretty much only use PC for gaming, the game is play the most is CS:GO/ GTA V ,although i stopped playing new games because i fear the pc is not going to run smooth. So, can you guys advice me in which hardware I should switch? If so which models you recommend. Thank you for your time , Thanks in advance. Wilson.
  6. Hi, I am making a pc mod in an aquarium, its a school project. I don't know what kind of oil should i use in it: Vegetable oil or Mineral oil. What does differentiante them and which one is cheaper( since its just a project for school the cheaper one will do just fine). Thanks for your help in advance.
  7. Hi everybody, I am currently using a Razer Tiamat 7.1 for 5years almost 6, so far i have never had any kind of problem, i mean i had one but i got over it, ear cushions had a lot of use and needed to change them and doing that was kind of a problem since razer does not sell them. Now i am having some problems with my mic, people who i am playing / talking to hear me fine but for a few seconds the mic gets really bad and people dont understand what i am saying. I have looking for a new headset to buy, will take my time to buy it since i am getting a speedlink clip on from a friend and will do the job just fine. I want a headset with a good sound ( 7.1 preferably ) and wireless ( always wanted one of these). My budget goes up to 150$-170$. Thanks everybody for reading this , and sorry for the wasted time. Cheers!
  8. Yo everybody. I have had my pc for almost 1 year and half. In that time i didnt had sound problems like this. For example i am in desktop using browser,etc.... But if i start any kind of game, LoL, Cs:go ,.. i will get a weird noise right of the bat. It sounds like the fan is hitting something,it stops in 1-2s ,and starts in 1-2s... ,but i am not even sure if it the fans itself, could be the GPU. If i "minimize" the game and go to the desktop the sound will stop and look like i am not even with the game open because it doesnt make the weird noise. I havent cleaned my pc since i bought it (1y and half) it could be dust inside the gpu hitting the fans.... or it could be a coildwhine?! or it could be the gpu dying? Sry for bad english . My regards, Wilson