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  1. Hello, I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO (250 ohm version) for black friday. I understand that i would need a amp to drive them. My question is therefore which one? I would ideally like to spend about 100-150 dollars. I would only use them for my pc so maybe a soundcard would be a good idea? Thanks in advance. I live in Europe so it should be available outside the US.
  2. Thanks, will definetly turn off the fps counter for a while.
  3. So a 1080 ti would be the next upgrade? Wouldnt my cpu bottleneck even a 1080?
  4. I live in sweden and i want to spend enough so that i can have an enjoyable experience. Figured the cpu would be the first thing i would upgrade since i had for quite some time now.
  5. I just ordered a 100hz 3440x1440 monitor so i want to know if my i5 4690k and gtx 1070 will be enough? I mostly play WoW and tf2 but sometimes a bit more demanding games like bf1. Im only looking for 60+ fps on medium settings. Would a ryzen 2700x be a better choice over the 8700k if an upgrade is required?
  6. Hello, is it possible to improve voice quality for teamspeak/discord with software or is the only choice to buy a new mic? //William
  7. Hello, i currently run my m50x headphones through the onboard soundcard. Would there be a noticable change in soundquality if i were to invest in a soundcard for 100$? //William
  8. Hey, I currently have 1440p monitor, a gtx 1070 paired with a 4690k (running at 4.3ghz) and 16gb ram. The game runs fine most of the time but im tired of the massive fps drops durings raids, battlegrounds and such. Is there anyway to get a consistent frame rate? Would an i7 help? //William
  9. Hello, i found my old ps3 recently and thought that i would jailbreak it to play some of the older games. When i booted it up i got the error code 8002F14E. I knew that the connector for the blu ray player wasn't held in place correctly so i figured that might have been the problem. Is it possible to run a ps3 without the blu ray player? Anyone else had the same error code and somehow fixed it? //William