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  1. I have a new hdd with windows 10 on it, fresh install, and my older one which has windows 7 and all of my games and files, i just wanted to know if i could have both in my system at once and transfer my games to my new hdd without my system breaking. Or would it just be better to reinstall everything fresh as well?
  2. Quick question, im building my new pc finally but i still need to transfer my old hdd to my new m.2 and my ssd drives. I just need to know if having the drivers from my old mobo and old components on the hdd will cause problems with my new hardware and when i install the new drivers will they just overwrite the old ones?
  3. Oh that actually sounds good, what would be a good source, outside of linus of course, to read up on raid 0 i might do that
  4. I dont plan on putting them into raid i just want one for a boot drive and some main files and another for misc files, itll work just fine for that?
  5. Quick question, since the z170 deluxe comes with an onboard m.2 slot and a pcie m.2 adapter could i run two m.2 drives in my rig by having one in the slot and one on the adapter?
  6. Will the i5 6600 still be allowed to use the preset OC's you can set in the bios or is that only for K cpus, and also if the 6600 could use the presets would i need a z170 board or is an h170 able to utilize those? Just want to be as thorough as i can be with new parts.
  7. With the new gpus releasing i wanted to grab a newer card since ive been running two GTS 450's for the last 5 years. I plan on doing a complete overhaul in due time but for now I just want a quick upgrade. I have an Intel I7 860 quad core cpu running at 3.6 Ghz and Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB DDR3 Ram at 1600 mhz cas 9, would this cause any major bottlenecks to my system or would it run decently?