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  1. yes sir thank you very much!
  2. im looking to dip my feet back into the pc master race with a affordable gaming rig that cab handle multi tasking with my bowsing the web, watching movies and gaming on 3 different screens or 1 ultrawide if its cheaper. I live in new zealand so thats the country if you wanna help send in some ideas you might have on builds for my project id like to see what people come up with, the budget is around 2k nzd but its all good if it goes to 2.5 or 2.8 max please, if you can make something decent and it costs less than that price thats all good too!!
  3. MasterLow

    is more GPU's better than 1 GPU for multi monitors?

    thanks heaps guys Im still pretty new to this type of stuff so im just making sure I get some decent info on this stuff before making an irriversablly expensive mistake
  4. MasterLow

    is more GPU's better than 1 GPU for multi monitors?

    1080p monitors are cheaper now days and some of the GPUs are the same so I can definitly find a budget system for around 2k with triple monitors piripherals and the pc ( but it might not run the best) who knows but yea i might just go with the single powerful gpu but 2080ti and titan are like way to expensive
  5. MasterLow

    is more GPU's better than 1 GPU for multi monitors?

    Hmm I didn't think about that, it depends i could do that but if buying 3 monitors is cheaper than a ultrawide ill go with the monitors cause it is a sorta budget build
  6. Hi there im looking to do a budget amd or nvidea pc build and want a triple monitor setup cause i like to multitask while i game, ill be browsing the web on 1 monitor, playing on the middle one and watching movies on the right but i sometimes like playing a game on all 3 monitors, would making a crossfire or sli (adding a GPU) help increase fps accross all 3 monitors or would it be better to have a single powerful GPU for all 3 monitors?
  7. MasterLow

    How Do I Change Drive Letters And Paths

    Look up at my previous reply, I have put a pic of the disk mamanagement in. Thanks
  8. MasterLow

    How Do I Change Drive Letters And Paths

    Yea its prettylong but when she saves her work, its set to save to C drive, will changing the letters around change the save files path to the New C drive?
  9. MasterLow

    Help me

    how would I go about checking the specs on a win 10 laptop cause I usually use windows 7
  10. MasterLow

    Help me

    I know for a fact that PUBG eats ram pretty hard so if you don't have 16gb of ram already I would buy the 1080 and buy more ram with the spare money, If you do have a decent amount of ram then fuck yea get the 1080ti that things a monster
  11. Hi, Im doing a favor for a friend who says shes partitioned her drives (I think she just has 2 seperate drives) and shes run out of spae on her :C drive becuase its only 106 gb large and her secondary drive is :E drive that has 1.8 TB of space on it with 1TB free space. She would like to either allocate more of the free space on E drive to the C drive but when I went onto disk management I saw that her C drive is reading as Disk 0 and her E drive is reading as disk 1, hence why I think she has 2 seperate drives, So I'm wondering how I could go about changing the E drive to C drive. Also I was wondering that If i did manage to change the letters around for her, would the save files start going to the new C drive or would they keep saving themselves to the new E drive? If the drives are indeed partitioned or split and I am an idiot is there anyway of adding the extra space from the current E drive to C drive? Thanks heaps.
  12. Thank you all for replying so fast to my question. I just wanted to let you know that Yes I do have a budget of close to 2500 for this build and I've taken a liking to the Ryzen 7 2700x and will definitely get a mid range GPU like you said. Again thanks to you all
  13. Hi i'm looking to build an editing pc for my DAD who's old rig is dying. I'm looking for what CPU can render 1920x1080 and 4k the fastest. thanks
  14. MasterLow

    Gaming Laptop For Cheap

    There Isn't much sorry because New Zealands technology is horribly overpriced and there's A lack of it too! https://www.pbtech.co.nz https://www.mightyape.co.nz/?gclid=CjwKCAiAt8TUBRAKEiwAOI9pANyBgEsy2uDLVcUOlOYY2GzZY5-c-e9O5rjecIeAuGgJMWe8PG9BuRoCZuoQAvD_BwE https://www.justlaptops.co.nz www.harveynorman.co.nz/computers/laptops/ http://www.harveynorman.co.nz/computers/laptops/ https://www.playtech.co.nz https://www.extremepc.co.nz http://www.alienware.co.nz https://www.asus.com/nz/Laptops/FX-ZX-Series-Products/