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  1. dbzin4k

    people with a asus mx279h monitor

    my settings is monitor settings brightness 80 contrast 80 saturation 50 sharpness 40 even though things are dark blacks look like they give off light i also went to this website http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ and set my settings to how it should look and colours still did not look good dose this seen like it might be a fault with the monitor
  2. dbzin4k

    people with a asus mx279h monitor

    OK so i got a mx279h a few days ago and on the setting with the best colours i have noticed that in-game or on TV shows that things are overly dark and things that are light get too light like call of duty when you go inside a building things are just to dark and things that are light are to light like whight writing blends in with the sky and i have tried changing the settings and when i get the light and dark areas how that should be the colours look washed out i have also tried changing the game brightness but colors are still not right is this a faulty monitor or is this just how the monitor is also i was playing the game on xbox 360 i also tried different games aswell im not good at explaining things in writing so if you dont understand properly i will try to explain differently
  3. dbzin4k

    ips or ah-ips monitor

    i actually dont mind PWM i just want a ips or ah-ips monitor that dont ghost and has good color
  4. dbzin4k

    ips or ah-ips monitor

  5. dbzin4k

    ips or ah-ips monitor

    I live in the UK and im looking for a good ips or ah-ips 27" monitor for xbox 360 and pc gaming and watching TV i can spend up to £400