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  1. @Curufinwe_wins ohh cool thanks
  2. hi im pretty new at building and im curious which is better for gaming while using multiple virtual machine is it 6850k or 5930k? thanks
  3. @Captain_WD what im trying to say is is there a way to check other hardware parts to see if their healthy too or not but i research it already thanks ^^
  4. @Captain_WD oh cool thanks i will do that and btw does thr S.M.A.R.T. status only for HDD? or everything has it jw sorry new in this thing
  5. @done12many2 i messaged you again and cool i really like RVE tbh but thank you so much guys for the help
  6. @007agentHP thanks and im thinking if i grab that i will get 1080 or is 1070 enough?
  7. for $1200 Xidax-branded towerAsus Rampage V Extreme motherboardMSI GeForce 980ti GTX graphics cardIntel i7-5930K CPU16GB 2666mhz RAM480GB Samsung SSD main hard drive (with Windows 10 Home OS)4TB Western Digital HDD for additional storage850W power supplyBlu-ray driveCorsair liquid-cooling systemLCD Temperature and fan gauge or for $700 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. or $500 without the GPU of the following below Corsair Obsidian 750D MSI x99 SLI PLUS nvidia geforce gtx 970 4gb Intel i7-5820k CPU 32GB 2666Mhz RAM 500GB Samsung EVO SSD main hard drive (with Windows 10 Home OS) 2TB Toshiba 7,200rpm HDD 850W Power Supply No blue or dvd Be Quite Dark Rock Cpu cooler let me know which is better in performance for my buck since i dont want to buy cheap but performance wise its not good using it on gaming Plus Virtual machine while gaming...
  8. @deceit oh really bummer ok thanks @done12many2 hey i message you for 1 more question tnx
  9. @done12many2 ohh cool thanks thats a big help so does 5820k good with MSI x99 SLI PLUS? or should i get a better MOBO?
  10. sorry guys if im confusing you my only problem with X is its not available on hand cuz currently we only have 5820k 5930k or 6700k thats why im asking those 3 i was asking 5930k vs 6700k since its the highest of 5th gen and newest gen the 6700k thats why i ask first which is good cuz idk if i should stick on a 5th gen or 6th gen for gaming with virtual machine since ppl say 6700k is good but idk if its better than 5930k
  11. @done12many2 i heard that 5920k is good when u put it with msi x99 sli plus and its whats available on hand only 6700k 5930k or 5820k thats why im in those 3 things "i meant 5820k not 5920k"
  12. @iDeFecZx well im not really a fan of X series just saying and so if you guys are asking me to pick 5820k over 5930k so Which is a better combo 5930k with Asus x99 Rampage V or 5820k With Msi X99 SLI PLUS?
  13. @Imakuni the price of that is just too much for me thats why im thinking of either 6700k or 5930k only and tbh im really not a fan of X series
  14. @Sintezza so you are saying 6700k are capable of doing gaming + virtualization but im curious which is better at doing it 6700k? or 5930k? what if im doing gaming + virtualization gaming too just example or multiple Virtual gaming. which is better for it the 6700k or 5930k?