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  1. Hi from France! I want to assemble a new hackintosh, probably based on Core i5-9600K or i7-9700K. I can study the Ryzen 3 track if I have a crush on a motherboard, but the AMD CPUs make some concessions on macOS (especially CPU power management). I'm looking for advice for a minimalist motherboard: - I'd like it to be as visually sober as possible - that there are as few exotic chipsets as possible (as they are unlikely to be supported by macOS) - and as a bonus, the BIOS/UEFI is as neutral as possible (models: Intel NUC and PC manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo...) For the moment I have located the EVGA B360 Micro Gaming, which is only available in the United States, but I am so motivated I might import it in France. Its only flaw, in addition to its unavailability in France: the anachronistic PS/2 port! I wouldn't have been against a second slot for a PCIe NVMe SSD, for Windows, but a SATA SSD does the job to play CSGO ? Otherwise I like the NZXT Z390 Coverless, but I find it expensive for what it is, and the input/output panel is a little too crammed for my taste. For your information I will not use the iGPU, so I don't need (or even want) video outputs on the I/O panel, nor the audio chipset of the motherboard, because I have a good USB DAC, so I don't need the 5 jacks and the SPDIF output (who still does 5.1 audio with 3.5mm jacks?! or even with SPDIF ? :-/) The smaller the PC the better, but I would like to have 10GBASE-T sooner or later, and it seems to me that in 2019/2020 it is more cost-effective to add a PCIe card than to choose a motherboard with an integrated 10GbE port, so unless there is a great find, it excludes mini-ITX. By the way, I'm thinking of the Fractal Design Define Mini S, but if someone has a sober, more qualitative box to offer, I'm open ? Thank you in advance for your advice!
  2. Linus did a video 10 days ago, where he featured this thread, and where he answered some of our questions and complaints. More importantly, he agreed that some titles weren't clear enough about the actual subject. It looks like their new naming system is <"Clicky" title> - <Product name> <Review/First Look/…>, which is totally fine with me. And there are already a few videos I've watched (most of which I'm glad I did) that I wouldn't have watched if there wasn't the 2nd part of the title. For instance: Apple, Please Keep Doing This! – iMac 2019 Review They LIED to me! - DDR4 RAM to M.2 SSD Adapter Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC (although "Virtualize" instead of "Run" would have been more upfront) But I'm still waiting for the second part of the title to watch these videos: I can never go back... How Did HP Fail This Hard? Thank you Linus Media Group for the change though!
  3. I may like gardening with some kind of flowers but not with another. It's the same with technology, which is a vast topic. For example, I'm not interested in an RTX 2060 video review because all I wan't is read AnandTech's article about it. I don't want to have to watch a video for even a few seconds to decide if I'm interested in the content. I have a selective yet large set of subscriptions, but I think I only watch 1 in 10 videos. If I had to watch every video for 10 s to judge if I want to watch would waste a lot of time. Likewise, imagine all the time you'd waste if there weren't relevant titles on news websites, emails, files, etc. I've stopped linear TV and started watching YouTube a lot exactly to choose what I watch. And I'd like to ask again: isn't MKBHD proof that you can get 8 million subscribers and millions of views on each video without clickbait titles and funny faces?
  4. I'm glad that I'm not the only one to feel that way! I'm sorry if I posted a dupe, I haven't been using the forum. Regarding the "need" to use clickbait titles to pay the bills, I'll just say that Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has the same number of subscribers (7,7 million subscribers for him versus 7,9 for LTT) and that he makes as much, if not more, views, without any clickbait title and with just a few subtle funny faces and the occasional outlined "?". You can always make more views, just use girls in swim suit with huge boobs as thumbnails. I think it's a matter of balance between quality and money. If Linus has already been "warned" and hasn't changed anything, I'm sorry but I'm unsubsribing right away. Obviously as a nerd in his 30s I'm not his target anymore.
  5. Hello! I've been a loyal subscriber of the Linus Tech Tips channel for years even though I've never posted on the forum. I'm posting for the first time to share my opinion before it's too late. I just wanted to say that I never click on content with clickbait titles or dumb thumbnails by principle. Unfortunately, more and more Linus Tech Tips videos on your YouTube channel have those. Here are a few examples: I don't click: We NEVER expected NVIDIA to allow this... How has EVERYONE overlooked this?? Why would you even…? Razer thought this was a good idea?? I can't believe this. I click: Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop The OLED Gaming TV from ALIENWARE!! Preparing for 10 GIGABIT Internet! What Could Go Wrong? (even though I could do without the "What could go wrong") Electrical Wiring for the Gaming Center - What could go wrong? (I see a pattern…) MacBook Air 2018 – A PC Guy's Perspective "Water" Cooled Smartphone - S#!t Manufacturers Say Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad? In general thumbnails have all been dumb for a few months now, with the "mandatory" funny and/or exaggerated face and the white outline. Thumbnails used two years ago with just the products were fine! You have 8 million subscribers interested in computers, I'm not sure that they need these tactics to watch your videos. I may be the only one to feel that way, and if so I would understand that you ignore this "rant", but I hope that I'm not alone, that other people feel the same and that hopefully you'll adapt to this portion of your audience. I still like many of your videos, I hope you'll keep posting good ones!
  6. Hello there! Since I saw the first 1 Tower, 2 Gaming Rigs video on Linus' YouTube channel, I'm dreaming of using virtualization to replace several devices at home. I'd love to have only one server for : my Linux file server my dual boot Windows 10/OS X hackintosh computer my OSMC Kodi Raspberry Pi media center And I'm sure I'm not the only one! Am I? Qnap just announced a server which could fit those needs, the TVS-x82 series: https://www.qnap.com/i/en/news/con_show.php?op=showone&cid=515 These are Core i3, i5 or i7 Skylake servers with M.2, 2,5" and 3,5" slots, and more importantly PCI Express slots. I don't know if the official QTS firmware is able to properly passthrough a GPU for a Windows gaming VM. But we may be able to replace the original firmware with any OS, like unRAID. Although I've owned a TS-639 Pro years ago and the BIOS wasn't allowing to boot straight on anything else than the 512MB DOM. Is anyone using a 1 CPU X VMs setup in its day to day use? Are you happy with the setup? Was it complicated?