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  1. I'll give it a try and see if that fixes the problem, it's really random for me.
  2. Not really. Most laptops if not all have custom sizes, so it's almost impossible to find a different motherboard for your laptop.
  3. So it's been less than 6 months since I got my Huawei mate 10 pro. It's brand new, but I've noticed something recently that kinda annoys me. It's battery is draining randomly and it gets a little warm and toasty when I'm not using it. I used to be able to use this for a full day with 40±% when I'm done with the day but it's barely getting me throughout the day now. I turned off Google location and the issue is still there. Is there anything I can do or should I just back up my important data and just reset the phone?
  4. So, I bought a nitro 5 some time ago around a month ago, and only started playing games on it recently as I've got some free time. I tried to charge it and play assassin's creed unity at the same time, but it won't. It'll only start charging once I close the game. Anyway I can fix this, or is there nothing I can do at all?
  5. currently planning on building one and need something that would fit an ATX motherboard as well as a hyper 212 evo and a 2060
  6. I kinda need a new suggestion for a case. I want a case that doesn't break the bank but also one that would make cable management a little bit easier. I mainly care about functions like how many drives it can fit and fans as well. I decided to turn to the community because there were too many choices. Aesthetics is a bonus, but just not as prioritized. I want something maybe below 100 dollars if possible
  7. Thats my main problem here, i have 8 gigabytes worth of ram but 4gb of it is already being consumed by background processes. I have seen videos where they say to just uninstall everything that came with it.
  8. So, i bought the nitro 5, the i5 variant with the 1050(non ti) variant about less than 2 weeks ago. I have installed my gpu driver and microsoft office. I noticed that there are a lot of background processes as well as window processes, should i shut them all down? cuz there are some background apps like windows defender that eats up my memory and other which accumulate to large amount.
  9. alright, thank your for your help, I will try to upgrade everything stated above
  10. so would you suggest that I get a new motherboard as well for my new PC Build? should I get a Z270 board since it is backwards compatible with skylake if I am not mistaken, correct me If I am wrong.
  11. also, the PSU isnt listed as per most pre built PC's. Instead of a picture, heres the link to the prebuilt PC that I bought https://www.mysoft.hu/docs/Dell/Dell_Inspiron_3650_Mini_Tower.pdf
  12. I only use it for gaming and nothing that intensive since I only have a 1080P 60FPS monitor.
  13. my current case is extremely small and has terrible airflow. If it was big enough, I would just upgrade the graphics card if possible.
  14. If anything, I would like to keep the budget under 500 USD if possible. I was thinking of salvaging my CPU, RAM, hard drive and motherboard while I momentarily upgrade my graphics card and a case.
  15. Hi there, I wanted to build new PC if possible for playing some games. I got a prebuilt PC not so long ago because it was a killer deal for the monitor that it included for the price. Anyways, the pre-built PC has a single stick of DDR-4 8GB, an i5-6400, a GT730, a 1TB HDD and im not sure about the motherboard. I didnt use it much for gaming until recently until I played assassin's creed IV on it recently and it ran horribly. I was trying to see which parts I could salvage into a new case because the current case is too small for anything like a new graphics card to be upgraded. Any recommendations on what I should upgrade?