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  • CPU
    Ryzen 7 1700 @ 4ghz`
  • Motherboard
    B350-f Strix
  • RAM
    16GB g.skill RBG
  • GPU
    GTX 1070
  • Case
  • Storage
    NVME. Samsung M.2 240gb
  • PSU
    850W Gold
  • Cooling
    NZXT Kraken X62
  • Keyboard
    Cooler master masterkey Pro S
  • Mouse
    Logitech G900 chaos
  • Sound
    HyperX cloud II
  • Operating System
    win10 Pro

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  1. Hey guys, I'm in this tech option in my school and need to interview an expert in the field I'm doing a project on. I'm doing my project on building, upgrading and servicing a computer. I need to ask 5 questions about this topic. So if you would like to help and answer a few/ all of them, I would be very grateful and your name would be published on my sub-par report, you'll be famous! "Whats your experience in building, upgrading and servicing computers? " "What are some tips for first time builders, or people getting into the hobby?" "Whats your preferred way of cleaning a computer, what products do you use?" "How did you get into pc's? What got you interested in computers?" "What are some mistakes you see beginners and people who are not good with computers do?" Thanks for the help, cheers.
  2. As said it was Memory express, and they wont supply replacement screws
  3. I bought a B350-f gaming mobo a couple months ago and it never came with a M.2 mounting screw. Whatever, I just screwed the drive in with a screw from a different mobo, pretty bad bend, but it seems to be working okay. I asked memory express (where I bought this from) and they said they couldn't just take out of a different box and that they don't do that sort of thing. Whatever, ill just ask Asus directly. Forgot about it for a while and finally got around to it a couple months later. "My name is Ricardo C. and I understand that your motherboard is missing the M.2 screw package.(my name) I am truly sorry to hear that M.2 screw package did not come in the box.I am really sorry to say this but we do not provide missing parts that was not in the box after purchase or have gone missing.What I recommend you to do is immediately contact your Place of Purchase to see if they will consider you for an exchange if it’s a program they offer. You can however try sourcing the M.2 screw package online either through Amazon or EBay. Thank you for the opportunity to address this matter with you.If you have any further questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to let us know. We will be more than happy to assist you.Thank you for having made ASUS your preferred brand of choice. wtf Any of the 3rd party screws I find online are over $30, I can't find out if they are compatible. Mem x doesn't exchange after 7 days. what do.
  4. you can get windows 10 from ebay for like $3, Get rid of the hydrid card and opt for a 1080 ti if you can find one for the saved price. a 1080 ti should run on that monitor very well
  5. Plain and simple I need recommendations for $300 CAD, speaker and sub. Preferably bass emphasis. Used for gaming and listening to dance, hiphop and jazz.
  6. Hey guys! I'm moving my setup to a different room in the house, but there is no option to get Ethernet from the router, (across the house) without drilliing holes, and I am not allowed to to go though the attic/wall. I have a Coax port im the room, and an outlet at the desk. What are my options for the fastest speed connection for playing games? Thanks
  7. Didn't even think about that lol, thanks for the help
  8. Hello! I own a cooler master master keys pro s, it has a single micro USB detachable cable. I was wondering if I can get a Micro USB wireless dongle thing so I can use this keyboard while I'm sitting on the couch/laying back on my chair. Have any suggestions? is this possible?
  9. mate I don't have the money for that here in Canada, thats over $800
  10. I’m not looking for a portable solution yet, just the amp to have a portable high end headphone available. What is a pair for home use with more detail and clarity than the 1060? I’m coming from a pair of hyperx clouds so I expect a large change in clarity and detail
  11. Hey guys! I’m just looking to see if the headphones and dac amp setup is going to buy will be a good choice. I was thinking of buying a pair of monolith m1060’s (or 1060c’s whichever one is better for my preferences) and a fulla 2 AMP/DAC combo, since the 1060c army too power hungry and ill have a portable amp I can use different headphones with. Is this a good decision?? I’m open to any suggestions but firm with the budget of 400 USD. Thanks! Some prefrences MUSIC: Electronic, hiphop, USAGE: gaming, just music listening in house FIT: over eat
  12. Hey everyone, Im just looking for recommendations for a new game to play, I don't have any preferences. Thanks!
  13. I just realized after the nicehash hack, my unpaid balance has stayed at 0.0025 for 3 months now. What is going on and why do I not have the money yet?
  14. Hey guys, I’m using my ryzen 1700@4ghz and a gtx 1070 to Mine while I’m not playing games. I have a spare gtx 950 laying around from my old build and wondering if I could add it to my rig and gain the extra $1~ it makes. Would this work? Can it cause some issues?