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  1. Hello, I'm a university student and bought a 2015 HP Omen last year as a new laptop for school use. Due to some different circumstances this year, the battery on this thing (4 hours if I stretch it) is going to be a problem. I'm thinking of getting a lighter laptop for carrying around, and either using the Omen as a desktop replacement in my dorm, or selling/exchanging/trading it in so I don't take too much of a hit when buying an XPS. The laptop has a small indent on the speaker grille (sound is muffled on that speaker), and has a noticeable creaking sound when closing the lid, but other than that it works perfectly. I can see if I can fix these problems with the warranty, but are there any good sites/subreddits in particular that you guys would recommend for a trade in/exchange? Or would I be better off trying to find a private buyer? Thanks
  2. I'm pretty conflicted now. The new Pascal GPU benchmarks and reviews are out, and I was surprised they're gonna use the desktop cards (basically) for laptops, no more "M" branding. I might go for an MSI because I don't see Dell putting a 1060 in their XPS line until next year.
  3. Yeah, I was definitely learning towards that option. I've heard from a friend that his XPS 15 had some major driver issues when he did a clean install though. I was looking at a few MSI laptops like the GS60 but I'm concerned the build quality on them won't feel the same after 4-6 years of intended use like it would with an XPS. Battery life would also be worse although honestly, there aren't many occasions where I'm away from a power plug. If I don't end up getting an XPS I'll probably try to get an MSI. The GS60 looks nice now that I think about it. I've considered that. The Latitude's don't have any dedicated GPU's though. I'd still like to do a bit of gaming with whatever I get.
  4. Hey all. I've been looking for a new laptop for university and I've pretty much decided on the XPS 15. I don't really need a 4k screen as I need some battery life out of it and I only do light gaming (Overwatch, CSGO, etc.) I need a 512 GB SSD, and the only options with those have i7's, which brings me to: MS Store- 512GB, i7, 4k screen, no bloatware, $2000 (~$1800 with a student discount I guess?) Dell Store- 512 GB, i7, 1080p screen, McAfee/Office/Dell garbage bloatware, $1700 I'd be paying 100 more for a 4k screen and no bloatware, at the expense of battery life. Any suggestions on which to pick or even any other laptops? I'd prefer 15 in. at least an i5, GTX960M or above, and nothing with a super obvious gamer aesthetic. Budget is around ~1800 max.
  5. Ok. I see that Dell has the 1080p/512GB option for ~$1800, whereas the Microsoft Store has the 4k/512GB (Signature Ed.) option for ~$1600. I'm not missing anything here am I, when I say that the Signature Edition is just a flat out better deal?
  6. I'm gonna be using it with a mouse anyway so I'm not too concerned with too much trackpad use apart from when I'm carrying it around. The battery life is good to know though. 400+ GB free is good to know. Microsoft Store has your version at ~$1600 for the Signature Edition, I think I can bring it down even lower with the student discount. Think I'm leaning towards the XPS for now. What games have you played/what settings and how is that? Edit: I read it wrong, I think it's $2000. Bit over budget ;/ though I might be able to stretch it with the discounts.
  7. Hey all, I'll be moving to another dorm soon and weaning off my desktop for a bit. I'm looking for a new laptop with: 15 in. screen, i7, GTX960M, and somewhat portable + decent battery life. Budget is around ~$1500. I also don't want it to look like an Apache with a keyboard so I've narrowed it down to two choices: ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501VW or the Dell XPS 15. I plan on carrying it around a moderate amount. I prefer the design of the Zenbook more but the XPS doesn't limit you to one 512GB SSD that'll be half taken up by Windows. I'm probably going to be buying it in August and I'm not too familiar with what the annual GPU refresh cycles are. I know that the 1070/80 were just announced so if I need to take that into consideration I can. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Z5 owner here. I wasn't patient enough to wait for Marshmallow to be pushed OTA to my phone and PC Companion wasn't updating either so I just used that link. I can confirm that you don't need to root your phone or anything for it to work. Just follow all the steps carefully to make sure you don't mess anything up and it should be an easy flash process.