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  1. i recently got an msi gs60 for a ridiculous steal from my friend. he sold me this laptop for $250, has a slight dent in the bottom chassis, but overall works perfectly fine and as it should. i'm thinking of doing an upgrade to the system, since the pro version has a better screen which supports 4k i believe(?) i want to know if it would work with the non pro unit. (i'm not used with laptops and their modding potentials)
  2. thx, maybe it is dead, because of the fact that i scavanged it from a used laptop
  3. when i read the product description, it was supposed to support up to 8gb of ram
  4. toshiba satelite L640, DDR3 samsung 1gb ram
  5. i tried installing additional 1gb of RAM into my laptop, but the laptop won't detect that the ram is installed, when i tried removing and inserting the ram back in, the system won't start. please tell me how to fix this, i would appreciate the help very much.