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  1. Vpn Over VM?

    Hello, I am concerned about privacy and security so I have decided to use a Virtual Machine, run Tor from there and at the same time have a Vpn at the ready. One problem. Originally I was going to use a Vpn from within the VM, however I have decided to go with a Linux OS and it is kind of difficult to find a free vpn service. My solution would be to run the Vpn from the host OS (Windows 10), then boot up the VM and run Tor. Would that work? Would it essentially, make my ISP not able to track my usage?
  2. Voltage across Laptop Cooler (AC-DC)

    welp, I guess that solves it then. Thanks
  3. Voltage across Laptop Cooler (AC-DC)

    that was the general idea, plugging the cooler to a cell phone charger (I have one from an old phone at 5V and 0.2A). I am more worried about the AC - DC thing. When connected to the laptop it will have a DC, but when connected to the cellphone charger I assume it will have an AC voltage, right?
  4. Voltage across Laptop Cooler (AC-DC)

    The laptop will be plugged in, however unfortunately its battery is not removable and I want to reduce the chance of completely messing it up by using the cooler as well.
  5. I recently bought a "Deepcool N8 Black" laptop cooler which is meant to connect to your laptop via a usb port to cool it down. The problem is, I don't want to connect it to my laptop (it will drain its battery while gaming) and want to connect it to a house outlet. According to this website: http://www.deepcool.com/product/nbcooler/upto17/2013-12/27_584.shtml Its voltage is in DC and I know that power outlets have an AC voltage. Will this have an effect on the cooler and is there something I can do about it?
  6. Mice with Dual Mode Scroll Wheel?

    What mice have a dual mode scroll wheel? Is it only Logitech mice or are there other brands?
  7. Best Command & Conquer with friends?

    You know, I probably could find a way to make it work, but it would be a real pain and I'd just rather buy red alert 3 uprising from steam when it's on a sale...
  8. Best Command & Conquer with friends?

    thanks man
  9. Best Command & Conquer with friends?

    you mean C&C Red Alert 3 Uprising, right? Also, why this one? Is it just better than the rest or something?
  10. Best Command & Conquer with friends?

    So, I am looking forward to play Command & Conquer with a friend(s) but it has been a long time since I played any game from the series, so long its as if I never played it. What I am asking is: What do you thing is the be C&C game from the series that allows me to play with online with friends? I would prefer the game to be on steam for obvious reasons...
  11. Cheap Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    Never mind, I found out. It's 88 grams and the included batteries weight 24g each, but you can use it with only 1 battery, so that's nice... What I'm looking at now is if it's actually good for games as well. I read that it has negative acceleration which could be a bit of a problem, but I think I can modify that from the mouse settings, not sure though. I you happen to know anything please reply, I could use some more info before buying it
  12. Cheap Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    The Logitech Marathon seems nice, but I really wanted something a bit more light weight... Do you happen to know how much it would weight with alkaline batteries and without?
  13. Cheap Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    Are TechNet mice reliable? They seem to have pretty good mice on amazon for a great price
  14. Cheap Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    Zando Bob, I agree, I'll search a bit more logitech mice and see what I can find Btw, I'm on a laptop so no need for a keyboard
  15. Cheap Wireless Mouse Recommendations?

    domandric034, it looks good, and it is $20 on amazon, but it's a bit heavy.. I don't know, I'll keep it in mind, thanks