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  1. I have already though of AV processors but the issue is the price... Can't find one below 2 grand so I might as well by the denon for 1 grand. The technician who will build my system can easily make me an 11.2 Dac for a reasonable price. He told me it's easy but unless there is a decoder for atmos in that DAC all I will get is normal 7.1 Dolby surround and not Dolby Atmos. This is interesting, I couldn't find any dolby PCIe interfaces but I will give it another shot. Do you have any recommendations?
  2. Oh, so that means that a receiver is the only way to go for Atmos....
  3. This is good to know, Thank you!
  4. The thing is that I don't want to spend that much money on the receiver since I can have a custom integrated amp made for me exactly the way I want it. The technician who can build it can add a dac with pretty much as many channels as I need which will connect to my PC via USB but the problem is the Atmos decoding. If I have an 11.2 integrated amp with an Atmos speaker system will I still get sound from the ceiling speakers if I don't have a receiver to decode the Atmos signal or will my PC decode the signal as long as I have the license?
  5. Good-day everyone, I am beginner audiophile and I was lucky enough to find someone who can build me my dream HiFi system. He has been building Hifi systems his whole life so he can make pretty much anything except an integrated amp with an Atmos decoder since there are no such chips available in the market. At the moment I am trying to find a solution to this matter and I came across the Dolby Access app on the windows store which apparently enables you to listen to Atmos from your PC. If I buy the license and play all my movies/music using a HTPC which will be connected to a custom 11.2 channel integrated amp will Atmos work or is a receiver the only way to go? I am aware that I can buy a receiver with decent pre-outs such as the Denon-X3600H, use it as a processor and use a custom made amp to power my speakers but that would be the only weak link in my system since I don't want the sound to be affected by low quality pre-outs/dacs which are present in all the mid range receivers. I have the chance to buy an integrated amp exactly the way I want it and I would hate to have to waste 1000 bucks on a receiver. Any other suggestions are welcome! Thank you in advanced, Kosta
  6. I am in love with these kind of projectors I am really glad LG created an affordable one! It must feel really good to play games and watch movies with this!
  7. It seems like my HDD problems will never end... A few weeks ago I installed a new 4tb red HDD, formatted it just fine and used it to backup my files. After that I disconnected it from my PC and stored it somewhere safe because I only use it for backup. Today I wanted to use it but I can't because even though I can see the drive in the BIOS, the windows can't see it (It's not on my computer or the device manager). I double checked the cables and restarted my pc but nothing happens. Does anyone know what's wrong? Thank you in advance, Kostas
  8. I can't believe it was that simple I thought I assigned a letter when I formatted the drive but it seems like I had to do it again.... Thank you very much for the help
  9. Hello, Today, I installed my new red 4TB hard drive. I used GPT partition and did a full format (took over 8 hours) but my PC can't see it... I tried everything I could think of... I did another format (quick this time), restarted the pc, turned it off and then on again and still nothing... I can see it in computer management though Does anyone know what's wrong with it?
  10. Thanks for the video! I am watching it right now!
  11. Wow, only 210W! That's low! Was the system OCed?
  12. I am waiting for 1070 SLI benchmarks videos as well. They will definitely be faster than a 1080 but what I want to know is how much faster they are and if it's really worth it. Don't forget, 2 cards need a lot more power so unless they are significantly faster than a 1080 I think I will pick the 1080 so I don't have to pay a "fortune" everytime I have to pay my electric bill. Still, I am a bit disappointed with the new cards. Yes they pack some serious horsepower but with all the marketing about them I got really hyped and I was hoping to see 60FPS 4k gaming... Even though I said that, I haven't seen anyone OCing the 1080 to 2.1gh yet so hopefully Linus will change that and show as what the card can really do. Either that or he is preparing a 4way sli system with the 1080s
  13. The funny thing is that I bought the red to back up important files I guess it's a good thing it was broken from the beginning... Imagine if it had broke after the backup.... I wouldn't be laughing then....
  14. So it is broken. Ok, I will return it, Thank you.