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  1. Did you read the source? Vsync is off, windows is preventing the tearing. I only pasted what was listed in the chart. Windowed V-Sync: It is possible to completely bypass control panel and in-game V-Sync options to utilize Windows’ native V-Sync implementation, which is also triple-buffered. By running the game in a window or borderless window, Windows handles the vertical synchronization, which can lead to smoother gameplay and lower input lag. Make sure you disable V-Sync in all other areas before doing so.
  2. I also thought this was very similar to borderless fullscreen or windowed with vsync off. No tearing, no fps cap and reduced latency compared to normal fullscreen vsync at least on AMD cards. Nvidia's fast sync looks like it's much faster though. For comparison from here: http://www.displaylag.com/reduce-input-lag-in-pc-games-the-definitive-guide/ Vsync on = 102ms Windowed vsync = 81ms Vsync off = 61ms I hope we get to play with this new feature soon.