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  1. I just replaced my top exhaust for my NZXT H510 case with a Noctua NF-A14 (140mm) fan. I left my motherboard fan settings to Smart Fan, and the Noctua is running at around 550 RPM at idle (system temp is at 35C or 95F) My rear exhaust fan is still the stock NZXT 120mm fan, and that runs at around 930 RPM. Is the Noctua running low because it is a larger fan? Should I manually crank it up a bit? My front intakes are the two 120mm fan on an AIO rad.
  2. Yeah heatsinks. They are quite big on the Aorus Elite X570... and they do cover up a good portion of the fan area of the top exhaust if i install a 140mm fan. Hope it doesn't hinder the performance of the fan too much.
  3. One is covering the IO-shield area, and the other one is right next to it. When installed in a chassis, it is right next to the top exhaust. Are these plastic blocks just aesthetics? The one near the top exhaust is actually annoying, because if I were to swap my 120mm exhaust fan to a 140mm one, the block actually covers a bit of the fan area. Wouldn't that disrupt the airflow to a certain extent?
  4. Thanks Daniel for the reply. I'll get the 140mm
  5. I'm thinking of replacing my top exhaust fan, because the one that came with the NZXT case hums very subtly while vibrating against the chassis. The top exhaust supports both 120mm and 140mm fans. Is it just a simple matter of bigger the better, or is there more to it with pros and cons to consider and such? Choosing between: NOCTUA NF-A14 PWM chromax black swap NOCTUA NF-F12 PWM chromax black swap
  6. I am using the motherboard software for the Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570. My Ryzen 3700x makes the fans on my AIO rad rev up and down when I am using the "Smart Fan" mode (basically auto mode). I've seen some people using custom settings (usually a flat horizontal curve). I'm scared that the constant change in fan speed will wear them out (as the spikes are quite frequent), but at the same time, I am worried that using a custom setting might not be good for the CPU temp. and if you recommend me using the custom setting, should I change the fan curve for both the CPU and the CPU OPT, or just the CPU?
  7. I left a towel fully covering the top exhaust for about 6 hours of using the computer. I forgot I left it there. The rear exhaust was still open. How harmful is that to a computer? Thanks so much!
  8. Oh, I didn't realize the images were blurry. I tried uploading it in really high resolution so that it can be zoomed in... guess it didn't work. Anyway, I wasn't worried because the temperature was high or anything... I was wondering if I was getting the normal temps for a 3700x and a 240mm AIO. Because if I am not, then I was thinking maybe I didn't install the AIO correctly. I'm glad it seems normal to you. I shall now use my newly built pc with confidence haha. Again, thanks for your reply.
  9. The top right window is the Ryzen Master. Or am I supposed to do something more with it? Sorry, I'm a total beginner at this.
  10. After doing the tests about three times on my new PC to get a confirmed result, I suddenly wondered how stressful exactly are these stress tests. Are stress tests something we should try to avoid doing unless we really need it, or can it be done every now and then just for curiosity. Also, I had RGB FUSION (Gigabyte's own RGB control software which takes up about 150MB of ram on its own) on, and also took some screenshots while CINEBENCH test was running. Does this affect the results enough to warrant a test without them?
  11. To be exact, I am using a Deepcool Castle 240 AIO for my Ryzen 3700x. (in a NZXT H510 case, along with a GeForce 1060) I'd be so grateful if anyone knowledgeable could tell me whether the temps are okay for such a system. Below are images of both idle and under load. Please excuse the image size, as I wanted to fit all the data in one screenshot. You can zoom in on the image to see the numbers better. idle: under load (CINEBENCH test) Oh, and does the fan speed normally fluctuate up and down at all times for ryzen cpus? Even when I'm not doing anything on the computer it seems to do this... it doesn't go crazy or anything but, it is noticeable that the fan speed keeps ramping up and down gently.
  12. Oops, the official windows 10 usb drive is read only (write protected), so I can't use it to create a newer version of the installation usb. Guess I have to just use another usb drive...
  13. I have the Windows 10 Pro. And in the small little box that it came in contains the installation usb and a card with the product key. Since the win10 in the usb is vanilla and will require lots of updates, I was wondering if I could format the usb and use the official windows media creation tool (think that was what it's called) to make a new win10 installation usb. I am assuming the product key card is what's important, but I just wanted to be sure.
  14. I have two exhaust (rear and top) and two front intakes attached to the radiator of my AIO. And the sizes are: 2 x 120mm intake fans and 2 x 120mm exhaust (rear and top) My question is, the top exhaust also supports a 140mm fan. Would it be better, worse, or the same to change my 120mm fan to a 140mm? I heard positive or neutral airflow is preferred, and I'm not sure if a bigger disrupts that. I'm also guessing that the airflow is already negative in my case as my chassis is a H510 and the intake fans in the front has to pull air through both the narrow filters in the front AND the AIO radiator. So, what do you suggest guys?
  15. @Taf the Ghost Just the advice I needed to extinguish my stupid impulse to keep waiting for the next new thing. I know the habit isn't very practical as the cycle never really ends. Once Ampere is out, I'll be waiting for Volta. But I don't know why I keep doing it. So, thanks for waking me up a little. Right now I'm thinking of whether to get the MSI B450 tomahawk Max or the Gigabyte x570 Aorus Elite. Both seem like the best in their class. I still got a week or two to ponder so... Yeah, I'll think about air cooling as well. Only thing is I don't want it to be too big.