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    18Years old. Went to school, went to college, now at University studying Tv and Radio:)

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  1. TechBlitZ

    AMD 7970 GHZ - Should I buy another?

    Interesting... I play WoW a lot also and my card does fine on medium settings 2560x1440 but feel with a second card I could crank the setting to maximum? £100 sounds like a bargain for another 7970 considering 1 of them seems to hold up pretty decent even by today's standards...
  2. So I have an AMD 7970 GHZ which I have been happy with for some time and has met all of my current demands. However now the cards are super cheap second hand (around £70-£100) I'm thinking of picking one up and running in crossfire. Mainly due to PUBG only getting around 60fps on minimum @ 1080p If you thinking crossfire will be useless / not worth it then that's fine, but this is my only option of an upgrade atm as I'm not looking spend any more than around £100 on my pc at this time - I'd rather wait and do a full upgrade next year / end of this year. Thanks for the help in advance:)
  3. TechBlitZ

    KB Paradise Switch Removal help

    You my friend, are a life saver :-) Nice guide! So I have to desolder my keyword because of the way it's been made? Shame it's not as simple as it looks in your guide :-( Simply popping the switch off like you did wouldn't work in my situation right?
  4. TechBlitZ

    KB Paradise Switch Removal help

    Hey guys, My esc key is playing up so I need to replace the switch but I've never done this before so I don't know how Pics attached of what my keyboard looks like without caps and deck.. I thought the caps would just pull off? Do I need a soldering iron? If so please can someone link one that would work? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I have a WD MyCloud EX2 and have installed the Wordpress App. I have followed the tutorials and enabled FTP and SSH. Unfortunately however I can’t seem to access the core root files for things such as Wordpress. Would like to use the Nas as a local development server. When I log into FTP, I’m in the root folder and can then go into my Public share which is my only share, but that’s it. I can’t see any of the core files where apps are installed etc. Any help greatly appreciated!!
  6. TechBlitZ

    LCD Screen replacement

    Hey guys, Dropped my sony xperia z2 on the floor yesertday, the screen hasn't cracked at all it is only showing black. I can see that it's projecting light through it and I can feel it vibrate when I trry and unlock it with my finger so I know that works. Do I just need a new LCD such as this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/LL-TRADER-digitizer-Assembly-Replacement/dp/B00XN00MO8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480801131&sr=8-1&keywords=sony+xperia+z2+screen+replacement
  7. TechBlitZ

    Tricky CSS positioning of Image + HTML Form

    Thanks for the reply givingtnt, Here's a pic of how it currently looks Using the following html and css - https://jsfiddle.net/u655rvdb/ Thanks for the rapid replys, this is probably really simple
  8. TechBlitZ


  9. TechBlitZ

    Tricky CSS positioning of Image + HTML Form

    Thanks for the reply Nineshadow. I mean currently the image sits under the form on the Y axis when viewed in my browser. Attached is just a picture I mocked up in Photoshop. I am looking to recreate what you see in that photoshop image, but in html/css
  10. I have a HTML Form, and I have an Image.. I would like the form to sit on top of the image, so that the image is much larger and behind the form. So far I have the image in the perfect position using the following .image { position: relative; width: 100%; } I have the form and have styled it in CSS, it currently sits directly underneath my picture but I would like it to be splat bang in the centre of the image.Any ideas how I can do this? Thanks guys
  11. TechBlitZ

    Laptop wont boot after harddrive swap

    Hey guys, just really need some more help to fix this sucker. Won't boot, the power led just flashes once every couple of seconds, no fan noise or harddrive noise or screen :-/ What steps should I take to try and fix it?
  12. TechBlitZ

    Laptop wont boot after harddrive swap

    Yeah i'm almost certain they are fine, but you dont need a harddrive installed just to boot into bios do you?
  13. TechBlitZ

    Laptop wont boot after harddrive swap

    Not yet, I was planning on booting the laptop into bios and installing windows from a CD... Isn't that right?
  14. TechBlitZ

    Laptop wont boot after harddrive swap

    No it's not booting at all - Can't even access bios The RAM came with the laptop, it was all working fine before - except I got an error message in windows saying harddrive was corrupt so I thought i'd swap it with an SSD
  15. Just changed the harddrive in a laptop to an SSD I had to remove the ram to get to the harddrive, i've replaced it and pieced the laptop back together Whenever I turn the laptop on the power light flashes once and then again every 4-5 seconds roughly - Screen stays black and won't boot at all I've tried switching the two pieces of ram around just in case I popped them back in the wrong slot. - Still nothing Any suggestions?