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    Razpor reacted to darshan in Low image quality on newer GPUs   
    i dont think the game devs are picking stupid settings. if they did everyone would have this problem.
    and i did not have the problem before  i upgraded my mobo and cpu.
    the solution i have given above does not completely resolve the problem. it only minimizes it at the cost of details.
    and what about   d3d11 games some of them are unplayable  like    metal gear solid v the phantom pain
    i have seen game play with just fxaa on gta5  have better aliasing than my 8xmsaa
    These are not normal issues .  pls dont  say that everything is normal without watching videos that very one has posted.
    i  dont care that much about graphics i have r7 265.
    but with all this shimmering and aliasing i cant concentrate on the gameplay 
                                           SOME ONE PLS HELP       I JUST WANT TO PLAY GAMES
         sorry for my bad english    
  2. Agree
    Razpor reacted to Demiqas in Low image quality on newer GPUs   
    For those who may still be following this thread..
    One additional thing I noticed is that supersampling works properly on this hd 5750. I had an r7 260x before, and that was the only other card who could do supersampling properly. As soon as I had upgraded to an r9 280x, supersampling just stopped working and looked just as bad as MSAA, while still drawing tons of FPS. Supersampling never worked on nvidia (except for those first two weeks etc. etc.).
    I recorded some gameplay with 4x anti aliasing@1650x1050 resolution. Check it out:
    how can this 5750 render it so perfectly with these settings, while my 750 ti couldn't do it nearly as pretty @1440p with 8x anti aliasing on still baffles me. I have no fucking clue what causes it and it just frustrates me. If my previous cards could render this game as smoothly looking as this 5750 did it, I wouldn't even have made this thread.
    Now I am stuck to this 5750, out of fear that everything will look ugly again if I upgrade. 
    I seriously hope they made some progress on this with the upcoming Polaris. All these issues are so inconsistent and illogical I can not make any fucking thing out of it and its making us look crazy as well. All we can do is hope that they do something about it. Figuring this out is king-crimson level shit. Just compiling info is all we can do.